4 Steps To Become A Certified Medical Assistant

A certified medical assistant (CMA) is a healthcare worker who helps doctors and other healthcare professionals. Their responsibilities include both medical and office tasks.

There is currently a growing need for certified medical assistants. Getting a job in this field is a great way to start a career in healthcare, as well as one of the jobs that is growing the fastest.

Becoming a certified medical assistant is not difficult, and the great thing is you don’t need a degree. Yes, what you just read is correct. To become a certified medical assistant, you just need to finish high school or earn a GED and then complete a medical assistant program.

According to the United States According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), certified medical assistants earn an average of $38,190 per year, which is about $18. 36 per hour. The numbers mentioned above are influenced by different things like where you work, the type of job you have, and if you have any extra qualifications.

Keep reading to find out how much money certified medical assistants can make based on various factors.

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An Overview of A Certified Medical Assistant Salary

According to the BLS, medical assistants across the country earn an average of $38,190 per year or approximately $18. 36 per hour

These numbers are very different compared to other websites for finding jobs like indeed. This is because the amount of money medical assistants get paid depends on a few things. These include where they live, where they work, and what certifications they have.

For instance, where you work greatly affects how much money you can make as a medical assistant.

Medical assistants who are certified and work in outpatient care centers make about $38,000 per year. On the other hand, those who work in chiropractor’s offices earn about $30,000 per year.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) says that there are currently many job opportunities for medical assistants all across the country. According to the report, the number of medical assistant jobs is predicted to increase by 16 percent by the year 2031. This is higher than the average job growth in other professions.

Certified Medical Assistant Salary

If you want to work in the healthcare industry, becoming a medical assistant can be a very rewarding choice. Additionally, you have the option to work alongside particular kinds of doctors.

There are different kinds of medical assistants. For example, there are those who work in primary care, for children, for elderly people, in research, and in outpatient clinics.

To work in these particular healthcare settings, medical assistants need more training and certifications. The amount of money they are paid also varies.

Medical assistants can earn a lot of money by working in research centers and outpatient care clinics. Medical assistants can make about $25 per hour working at research centers, and about $21 per hour at outpatient care clinics.

Compared to other places, medical assistants get paid the least at primary care centers, earning about $17 for every hour worked.

Even if you begin working at a job that pays less, you can still choose to earn more money when you start than other people.

You can learn more by taking courses in phlebotomy, EKG/ECG, and medical coding/medical billing. Learning a second language is considered useful, and employers really like candidates who can communicate well.

Certified Medical Assistant Salaries Per State

The medical assistants’ salaries vary in each state and city. This is a long list of states that pay the most money to medical assistants, according to the BLS. The states that offer the most money to medical assistants are:

  • Washington has an average annual income of $47,320 or $22.75 per hour
  • In the District of Columbia, the average annual salary is $46,690, which is equivalent to earning $22.45 per hour
  • In Alaska, the average annual salary is $46,390, which is equivalent to $22.30 per hour
  • California has a yearly salary of $44,780 or an hourly wage of $21.53 per hour
  • In Massachusetts, the average yearly income is $44,200 or $21.25 per hour
  • Minnesota pays workers an average of $46,920 per year or $22.56 per hour
  • In Oregon, the average annual salary is $45,710 or $21.97 per hour
  • In Hawaii, the average salary is $38,860 per year or $18.69 per hour
  • In New Hampshire, the annual salary is $38,220 or $18.37 per hour
  • In Wisconsin, the average salary is $38,050 annually or $18.30 per hour
  • Rhode Island pays $37,860 per year, which is equal to $18.20 per hour
  • In Montana, the average yearly salary is $37,660, which equals to $18.11 per hour

Also, the five cities that pay medical assistants the most money are:

  • In the area of Vallejo-Fairfield, California, the average annual income is $58,670 or $28.21 per hour
  • The average salary in San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward, California is $54,930 per year or $26.41 per hour
  • The average annual salary in San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, California is $53,870, which is equal to $25.90 per hour
  • In Santa Rosa, California, the yearly salary is $53,530 or $25.74 per hour
  • In Sacramento-Roseville, California, people earn $51,530 each year or $24.78 for every hour worked.
  • Want To Be A Certified Medical Assistant?

If you’re still reading this, you might be wondering how to become a medical assistant. I have good news for you. Beginning your journey as a Medical Assistant is quite simple.

This is a guide that shows you the steps to become a certified medical assistant and start working in healthcare.

1. Obtain A High-school Diploma or GED

As I said before, you don’t have to have a college degree to become a medical assistant. The only thing you need is to finish high school or get a GED.

2. Enroll In A Medical Assistant Educational Course

Once you get your diploma, although it is not required, most employers prefer medical assistants who have certification. To achieve that, you must sign up for a medical assistant program that trains you for the job and the certification test.

There are many ways for medical assistants to learn, both through the internet and in-person. You can also get a two-year degree or a certificate from a community or technical college.

But, it will take you at least two years to finish your degree if you choose this path.

Although it is suggested that people participate in online training programs, it is possible to finish these programs in just 4 months. They are also much cheaper than a degree or diploma, so you can learn at your own speed and save a lot of money.

3. Certification Exam

Once you finish your program, you will need to take and pass certification exams to become a medical assistant. The CCMA and CMA exams are the top certification tests. The CCMA exam is done by the NHA, and the CMA exam is done by the AAMA.

If you don’t know which medical assistant certification is the best, we suggest choosing the CCMA by NHA. This is commonly agreed upon, and after, you can do both medical and office tasks.

4. The Step Up

After passing your exam and getting certified, you can begin looking for job opportunities as a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant.

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