Angeles College

John Krause established Angeles College in 2004 as a more recent innovation in higher education with the goal of serving the healthcare sector and advancing the education and intellectual growth of healthcare professionals.

With its efforts bearing fruit, the college broadened its scope in 2013 by creating its satellite campus, “City of Industry.” The campus of the college is located in Los Angeles, California, and it is a privately run institution.

As a healthcare organization, AC has advanced quickly thanks to its “patient-centered” philosophy. The college has established a solid foundation for its strategy by acknowledging its cultural diversity and working to assist, engage, and serve the international community.

The college launched its Home Health Aide Program in 2015, offering just another example of a patient-centered commitment to assisting people and bringing innovation to the healthcare sector. The program’s goal is to prepare people to become Home Health Aide professionals who specialize in giving patients who prefer hospital settings in-home care.

The college has a “Work Source” benefit program for its students, which awards funds to those who are unemployed. With its “Skills Lab,” AC gives its students exposure to real-world expertise and clinical professionals. All of them are intended to help students become better healthcare providers.

Similar to on-campus initiatives, there are also off-campus opportunities that give students real-world exposure to patient care.

All nursing and healthcare professional studies are intended to be offered under one roof through the academic programs at AC. Along with bachelor’s degree programs, the college offers certifications and associate degrees. You can pick from nine different program offerings.

The Separate Classroom at the college is the most noticeable building on the campus. This facility, which is separated from the downtown campus, is furnished with training tools and materials.

Best Angeles College LVN Programs in California

Consider becoming a licensed vocational nurse if you’re interested in working in the California healthcare industry. LVNs’ duties include providing patients with bedside care under the direction of a registered nurse or a doctor in a variety of settings.

With an average pay of $65,140 per year, LVNs hold an extremely lucrative career that may be obtained in as little as two years. There are 134 LVN programs in California that have been approved by the BVNPT, but we’ve selected the top 20 to offer you high-quality training so you can get the skills you need and find work quickly.

California’s LVN programs’ duration

You can enroll in one of two LVN programs available in California to become a licensed vocational nurse. The duration will change based on the curriculum. While an associate degree typically takes two years to complete, a certificate or diploma can be finished in as little as 12 to 18 months.

California LVN Programs’ Price

In California, the price of LVN programs might vary greatly from one institution to another. For instance, community college courses are less expensive than those at private, for-profit institutions, but a program’s cost does not always reflect its quality. A certificate costs substantially less than an associate degree, with prices varying depending on the sort of program.

Diploma Program Cost

$3,240 – $51,550 for a diploma program

Associate’s degree Cost

$9,930 to $74,010 for an associate’s degree

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