Is Anna Maria College A Great Institution?

The Sisters of Saint Anne created Anna Maria College in 1946. However, Mother Anne Maria had the idea for an educational institution much earlier. She formed the Sisters of Saint Anne because she was a remarkable woman who was committed to providing educational opportunities for the young people in her community. This served as the impetus for Sister Marie Anne Eva Mondor and the rest of the community to form an educational institution for women, and through conflict over a charter change, Anna Maria College was born.

Anna Maria College is a Catholic liberal arts college serving both men and women with a base in Paxton, Massachusetts. Even today, the college continues to uphold its Judeo-Christian history and push students toward a career-based approach while maintaining a heart for engagement and service to both local and global communities.

There are numerous chances for students at Anna Maria College to express their creativity, connect with others, and grow spiritually. On campus, there are student clubs for everything from the arts and literature to health and wellness. Students can engage with their spiritual side through the campus’s own ministry, which also hosts a weekly Mass for them.

By participating in numerous campus ministry initiatives, students can also gain fellowship. The institution is actively committed in promoting sustainability through its commitment to becoming a climate friendly and carbon neutral campus, providing another another example of community engagement.

In 2004, the institution established the Molly Bish Center in honor of John and Magi Bish’s daughter Molly Anne Bish. The center works to protect the elderly and young. The campus’ NCAA Division III athletic teams compete under the banner of Cardinal and White.

The college also provides certifications, graduate degrees, and undergraduate programs. It provides 32 major options in a range of disciplines, including nursing, the social sciences, criminal justice, and the arts.

There are also online learning opportunities. The Kodály Music Institute at Anna Maria College, which provides music certificate courses, is one of the significant structures on the campus.

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Acceptance Rate

Anna Maria College has an acceptance rate of 65%, making it a relatively accessible option for students who are looking for a private college experience. This means that out of every 100 students who apply, 65 are admitted.

The College takes a holistic approach to admissions, taking into consideration a student’s academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and personal character.

Graduation and Retention Rate

The graduation rate at Anna Maria College is 63%, with a retention rate of 73%. This means that out of every 100 students who enroll, 63 will graduate and 73 will continue on to their second year.

The College is committed to helping its students succeed and graduate in a timely manner, offering a range of academic support services and resources to assist students in achieving their goals.

Tuition Fee

The tuition fee at Anna Maria College is $40,500 per year. While this may seem like a high cost, the College provides numerous financial aid options and scholarships to help offset the cost of tuition. Additionally, the College has a strong commitment to affordability and accessibility, and works hard to ensure that its students have access to the resources they need to succeed.

Student Loans

Anna Maria College encourages students to consider all financial options when paying for college, including student loans. The College offers a variety of loan options, including federal loans, private loans, and alternative loans. The College also provides resources and guidance to help students understand their loan options and make informed decisions about their finances.

Average Salary of Anna Maria College Graduates

Anna Maria College graduates have a strong track record of finding successful careers in their chosen fields. According to recent data, the average starting salary for Anne Maria College graduates is $45,000 per year, with a mid-career salary of $75,000. These numbers are a testament to the College’s commitment to preparing its students for success in their professional lives.


Anna Maria College is located in Paxton, Massachusetts, a quiet and picturesque New England town. The College is situated on a beautiful, serene campus surrounded by rolling hills and forests, providing a peaceful and inspiring environment for students to study and live. Additionally, the College is located just a short drive from Boston and Worcester, offering students easy access to some of the region’s most vibrant and exciting cities.


Anna Maria College is a great option for students who are looking for a private, Catholic, liberal arts education in a supportive and inspiring environment. With a focus on student success and professional development, the College offers a well-rounded education and numerous resources to help students achieve their goals. Whether you’re looking to pursue a degree in business, education, nursing, or the arts, Anna Maria College is a great choice for anyone looking to build a successful future.

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