Ultimate Guide To Business Degrees And Careers

Business Degrees And Careers – The business world is highly competitive. Having a business degree is a great way to be noticeable among other people applying for the same jobs.

Business professionals are in charge of everything related to the business, like making products, managing employees, handling money, earning money, hiring and training staff, and managing the company’s finances.

Although it’s usually required to have a degree to work in this field, you don’t have to necessarily attend a regular program and go to classes every day.

There are many online programs for business degrees that allow you to choose when you study and work, and there are also simple business degrees that are perfect for busy parents or professionals.

The future looks good for people who work in Business and Finance. Those who work in finance and insurance are expected to make the most money.

Jobs in analytics have a good chance of growing by 11 percent. People who work as management analysts make around $93,000 per year on average.

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Bachelor’s Degrees in Business Administration

Getting a bachelor’s degree in business is the top choice for people who want to start their careers. You must have at least a high school diploma or GED to start, but if you have already earned some credits, you can also enroll as a transfer student. These programs have classes that study every part of business.

If you think you might want to go to graduate school in the future, it’s a good idea to get a bachelor’s degree.

This degree is great for students who want to study different parts of business and also have a minor in another subject.

Many programs offer different areas of focus that you can study in-depth, such as finance or accounting. Read our guide to find out if studying accounting is a good choice for a major.

If you have a particular job you want in real estate, you should see our guide on the top degrees for that field.

Benefits of A Bachelor’s Degrees in Business Administration

Getting a bachelor’s degree is a good thing because it’s the lowest level of education that many jobs in the industry require.

Lots of programs provide virtual internships for students. These internships allow you to acquire hands-on experience and build relationships in the industry. As an extra advantage, some programs make it simple to switch to an MBA program and obtain both degrees in five years.

Arizona State University has excellent business programs and one of the oldest online programs that started in 2006. The university focuses on its online programs and allows you to use them for your classes and other things you need.

Master’s Degrees in Business (MBA)

Many older or advanced students choose to study Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs. These online programs for business degrees are available for students who already have a bachelor’s degree. There are MBA programs available for people who work and need flexibility.

You should consider getting an MBA because it can help you earn more money. It doesn’t take as much time as you think because some programs, called Accelerated MBAs, only take 12 to 18 months to finish.

MBA in Marketing

MBA in Human Resource Management

MBA in Product Management

One Year MBA Programs

Benefits of Master’s Degree in Business (MBA)

Besides the amount of money you can make, getting an MBA degree also makes you eligible for more job opportunities. You have a lot of options to choose from, like operations management and supply chain logistics.

The University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

This is the main part of the University of North Carolina System and it is also called UNC. The website program gives assistance to students who have jobs and asks them to apply their real-life experiences in every course.

Associates Degrees in Business

Associate’s programs are a good option for students who want to learn about basic business subjects and only have a high school diploma or GED.

Getting an associate’s degree in Business allows you to complete your degree faster, typically within two years or less. Later on, you can move your credits to a different school in order to get a bachelor’s degree.

Benefits of Associate Degrees in Business 

An associate’s degree in business helps you learn the important information you will need in the future.

Florida Southwestern College has a cheap program for students who want to study business. You can get a degree in Business Administration and Management by completing only 60 credits. The program is available for students from all over the country. It includes a focus on entrepreneurship and another on risk management.

Advanced Degrees in Business (DBA)

You can also get a Ph. D in business administration. DBA programs are good for students who already have an MBA degree and want to learn more things.

If you want to be a professor at a college or university, you should think about getting a DBA degree. Most schools only choose teachers who have worked for five to 10 years and have a higher level of education.

Benefits of Advanced Degrees in Business (DBA)

Online business programs that offer a DBA degree are often affordable and flexible. Many students already have jobs in business and other responsibilities outside of school. The best university will support you in finishing your degree, and you have the opportunity to receive money, scholarships, or use tuition reimbursement to pay for your education.

Liberty University started offering online business degree programs in 1985. They now have a DBA program for students who want to study online. You can complete your degree in just three years and learn how to apply Christian principles in your job.

Business Degree Careers


A common job for people studying business is becoming an entrepreneur. Some online programs also offer specialized courses in entrepreneurship to help prepare you for your future job. To work in this industry, you must have a bachelor’s degree. This degree will help you get ready to run your own business.

Business Analyst

As a business analyst, your job is to study a company and suggest what changes it should make. You could examine how things are made and the people who make them, or the individuals who work and how much things cost.

Most analysts typically have a Master’s degree in Business Administration. You can also choose to be a marketing analyst. This job focuses on evaluating how well marketing campaigns are doing.


There are a lot of jobs in finance that can help you find out if studying finance is a good choice. If you want a job with good opportunities, stability, and pay, then you should think about working in finance.

Human Resources 

If you are good at getting along with people and enjoy working with others, you might want to think about becoming a human resource specialist.

HR specialists typically only require at least a 4-year college degree in business. They need to always know the latest HR laws at both the state and federal levels.


Being a manager means you are in charge of the people who work for you. There are different kinds of managers. One kind is the account manager, who takes care of clients.

Another kind is the financial manager, who looks after the money of the business. Being a manager usually needs a Bachelor’s degree in Business and some experience or a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Administrative Assistant

If you get an associate’s degree in business, you can become an administrative assistant. While they do similar tasks as secretaries, they often have more duties like meeting with clients and replying to emails. You can get certificates in school to help you get ready for this job.

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