California State Polytechnic University-Pomona, California

California State Polytechnic University Pomona was founded in 1938 and is a public polytechnic university. It was created as a simple division or branch of the San Luis Obispo-based California State Polytechnic College and started off as an all-male institution. The institute was founded on the grounds of the former Voorhis School for Boys.

By 1956, the school had moved its campus to the land that W.K. Kellogg had provided, and it was in 1961 that women were allowed to enroll in the college. It changed from being a college to becoming a university in 1972.

Additionally, the university joined the other 23 institutions that make up the California State University system. Being a polytechnic institute, the university is committed to providing its students with a quality education and real-world experience through its programs and staff. Based in Pomona, California, it is.

California State Polytechnic University-Pomona takes pleasure in offering its students a comprehensive experience on campus. The students are constantly being honed into being active participants and leaders thanks to the more than 250 student-run clubs and organizations that span academic, special interest, and social leadership. For the benefit of the students, there is also Greek Life. The campus’ “Children’s Center” is an intriguing initiative; for students, faculty, or staff who have children, there are activities planned that not only promote contact but also the development of science, arithmetic, and literacy skills.

The BEAT (Bronco Events & Activities Team) launched beloved university traditions like Midnight Madness, Billy Bronco’s Birthday Bash, Rock the Commons, and others. Additionally, there are sports groups called the “Broncos” that compete in NCAA Division II. The school’s mascot is Billy Bronco, and the school’s colors are gold and green.

There are over 90 majors and more than 75 minors available for undergraduate students, and there are over 40 Master’s and Doctoral programs available for graduate students. The Collins College of Hospitality Management and Don B. Huntley College of Agriculture are two of its standout departments.

Is It Easy to Get into Cal Poly Pomona?

With a 65% acceptance rate, California State Polytechnic University – Pomona takes admissions very seriously. Spend some time crafting a solid application that demonstrates why Cal Poly Pomona is a suitable fit for you.

Test scores on average

The majority of applicants who were accepted to Cal Poly Pomona provided their SAT results. SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing scores fell between 500 and 610 for the 25th through the 75th percentile. The range of math scores was 510–640.

Faculty-to-Student Ratio

There are 29 students for every faculty member at California State Polytechnic University – Pomona. This is somewhat higher than the 15 to 1 national average. This could imply that professors will have to lecture additional classes or that class sizes will be higher than at other institutions or universities.

Percent of Full-Time Faculty

Some people like to look at the percentage of faculty members who are full-time to get an idea of how much access students will have to their teachers. The reason for this is that compared to their full-time counterparts, part-time teachers might not have nearly as much time to devote to campus.

California State Polytechnic University – Pomona has 47%, full-time faculty. The national average is 47%, so this is comparable.

Rate of Freshmen Retention

The majority of first-year, full-time students like California State Polytechnic University – Pomona enough to return for another year, as seen by the freshmen retention rate of 87%. This is far greater than the country as a whole, which is 68%. That can definitely be added to the school’s list of positive attributes.

Rate of Graduation

If a student completes their bachelor’s degree in less than four years, they are said to have graduated on time. Cal Poly Pomona’s on-time graduation rate is 21%. That is less than the 33.3% national average.

Cost of California State Polytechnic University in Pomona

Cal Poly Pomona’s tuition costs an average of $14,304 a year. Since net pricing differs by income level, the school’s affordability is mostly dependent on your financial needs.

Loans to students

While nearly two-thirds of college students nationwide borrow money to pay for their education, the number may be quite different at the institution you intend to enroll in. At Cal Poly Pomona, 32% of students borrowed student loans, which have an average annual cost of $6,030. Over the course of four years, that comes to $24,120 for those pupils.

At Cal Poly Pomona, the default rate on student loans is 2.6%. This is a positive indication that you will be able to repay your student loans because it is much lower than the 10.1% national default rate.

What Do Graduates of Cal Poly Pomona Earn?

Depending on your major, your annual salary will change, but Cal Poly Pomona bachelor’s degree holders typically earn roughly $63,732 in their first few years of employment. The fact that this is 50% more than the typical college graduate’s pay of $42,485 per year is good news for prospective Cal Poly Pomona grads.

Learning Online at Cal Poly Pomona

For students who are working while they are in school as well as those who have scheduling difficulties and want to learn within their own time, online courses are a terrific alternative. Expect to see an increase in the number of online learning options available over time.

29,727 students registered for at least one online course at California State Polytechnic University – Pomona in the academic year 2019–2020. In comparison to the previous year, 11,765 more students took online courses.

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