California State University Northridge, California

California State University Northridge was established as a public university in 1958, but planning for it had already started years before. The first attempts to establish this new institute as a satellite campus of the then California State University, Los Angeles were made in 1952.

San Fernando Valley State College was the college’s new moniker in 1958, departing from its original course. Finally becoming a university in 1968, the college took on its current name.

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Northridge, California serves as the home of California State University Northridge. It now serves as a focal point for both student growth and personal welfare. With a focus on chances for experiential learning and technological integration, it delivers instruction in the liberal arts and sciences.

On campus at CSUN, there is a thriving and positive student social scene. The student union hosts events like Carnaval, which honors various world cultures, Matador Nights, a dance and dinner event, and others to support their issues and foster social life. Over 300 student groups and organizations are active on campus, and they encourage better interaction between students. Fraternities and sororities are additional to it.

The campus’s cultural scene is fueled by the Valley Arts Performing Center, which hosts shows for both enjoyment and education. Volunteer programs are organized, such as AIDS Walk, Campus Clothing & Food Drive, Adopt-A-Family for Thanksgiving, and a few others, to encourage students to get involved in issues off campus and engage in community service.

Its teams compete in the NCAA Division I, demonstrating the importance of both sports and athletics. Red and white are its official colors, while Matty the Matador is its mascot.

The institution offers 68 baccalaureate degree programs, 58 master’s degree programs, two doctoral degrees, and 14 programs leading to teaching credentials. There are nine colleges at the university, although the Michael D. Eisner College of Education, the David Nazarian College of Business & Economics, and two others are among the most well-known.

Is it difficult to enroll at CSUN?

Take your application critically while bringing it together because California State University – Northridge has a competitive 66% acceptance rate. Even omitting a small element could cause your application to be rejected.

Typical test scores

About 95% of applicants who were accepted to CSUN turned in their SAT results. SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing scores varied from 460 to 560 when looking at the 25th through the 75th percentile. Scores in math ranged from 440 to 550.

The ratio of students to faculty

The student-to-professor ratio at California State University, Northridge is 28 to 1. This ratio is fairly high when compared to the 15 to 1 national average. This could imply that professors will have to teach more classes or that class sizes will be higher than at other institutions or universities.

The proportion of Full-Time Faculty

Some individuals like to consider the percentage of instructors who are full-time employees when predicting how much access students will have to their professors. This is due to the possibility that part-time instructors may not have as much free time on campus as their full-time colleagues.

47% of the faculty members at California State University, Northridge are full-time. This is similar to the 47% national average.

Rate of Freshmen Retention

The majority of first-year, full-time students like California State University – Northridge enough to return for another year, as seen by the freshmen retention rate of 83%. This is far greater than the country as a whole, which is 68%. That can definitely be added to the school’s list of positive attributes.

Learning Online at CSUN

For students who are working while they are in school as well as those who have scheduling difficulties and want to study on their own time, online courses are a terrific alternative. Expect to see an increase in the number of online learning options available over time.

At California State University, Northridge, 39,376 students enrolled in at least one online course in the academic year 2019–2020. The number of students taking online programs has increased from the previous year’s 21,755 students.

Ratio of Graduates

The percentage of full-time, first-time students who graduate in four years or fewer is known as the on-time graduation rate. First-time, full-time students at CSUN have a rate of 14%, which is lower than the 33.3% national average.

What Is the Price of California State University Northridge?

CSUN’s total average net cost is $8,523. Since net price varies by income level, the affordability of the school mostly relies on your financial needs.

Loans to students

While nearly two-thirds of college students nationwide borrow money to pay for their education, the number could be substantially different at the institution you intend to enroll in. At CSUN, about 26% of students borrowed loans, which had an annual average of $5,119. For those students, that comes to $20,476 over the course of four years.

At CSUN, the default rate for student loans is 3.7%. This is a positive indication that you will be able to repay your student loans because it is much lower than the 10.1% national default rate.

What Kind of Income Can CSUN Graduates Expect?

Even if some majors are more lucrative than others, those who earn a bachelor’s degree from CSUN go on to work in positions with an average starting salary of $53,360. This is fantastic news for CSUN grads in the future because it is 26% higher than the $42,485 annual earnings of the typical college graduate.

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