The Cost of Cambridge College Cambridge and Ranking

Adult education is provided by Cambridge College Cambridge, a private non-profit institution. The college has its roots in a graduate program that was established in 1971. Eileen Moran Brown and Joan Goldsmith introduced it at the Institute of Open Education (IOE). Due to the program’s popularity, Brown (then the dean of Antioch College) immediately reviewed it to turn it into a completely independent and accredited institute.

It was founded as a distinct institute and given the name Cambridge College in 1979. Boston, Massachusetts serves as its headquarters. The institution engages in blended learning and online learning with the goal of developing into a facility that offers working individuals chances to achieve in their careers while being accessible, inexpensive, and time-efficient.

Cambridge sets itself apart from other colleges by extending its reach and emphasizing the teaching of fundamental skills and knowledge. It implements a demanding curriculum that keeps an eye on the requirements of its adult learners. It creates a small learning community with interactive classes and learning sessions that are more centered on the improvement of practical skills.

Additionally, the college embraces diversity and inclusivity, attracting people from diverse backgrounds and occupations, which adds intrigue to the otherwise dull student experience. Both the faculty and the students are actively involved. The institution provides education through a variety of activities, including Info Sessions, Open Houses, Orientations, and others, in addition to its academic programs and curriculum-based instruction.

All of these are intended to increase existing and prospective students’ awareness of what Cambridge has to offer.

Four of Cambridge’s schools offer the academic programs that the university offers, including nine bachelor’s degrees, more than 35 master’s degrees, and a doctorate. More than 20 professional degree and certificate programs are also available. The institute includes additional campuses in Springfield, Southern California, Lawrence, and Puerto Rico.

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Acceptance Rate

Cambridge College Cambridge has an open admission policy, which means that any student who has a high school diploma or equivalent is eligible to apply. This policy makes the college accessible to a wide range of students, regardless of their background or academic history.

While the open admission policy does not guarantee acceptance, it does provide an opportunity for students who may not have been able to attend college otherwise.

Graduation and Retention Rate

Cambridge College has a graduation rate of around 35%, which is lower than the national average for colleges and universities. However, the college’s retention rate is above average, with over 60% of students returning to continue their studies each year.

This suggests that students who enroll at Cambridge College are generally satisfied with their educational experience and find the college supportive of their academic goals.

Tuition Fee

The tuition fee at Cambridge College is relatively low compared to other private colleges and universities. The college offers a variety of financial aid options, including scholarships, grants, and loans, to help students pay for their education. In addition, the college has a flexible payment plan that allows students to pay their tuition in installments, rather than in a lump sum.

Student Loans

Cambridge College participates in a number of federal student loan programs, including the Direct Subsidized Loan and Direct Unsubsidized Loan programs. The college also offers private student loans through a number of lending institutions. To help students manage their student loan debt, the college provides financial literacy and debt management resources.

Average Salary of Graduates

Graduates of Cambridge College Cambridge earn an average salary of around $55,000 per year, which is lower than the average salary of graduates from other colleges and universities. However, the college provides a number of career services and resources to help students find employment and advance their careers after graduation.


Cambridge College is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which is a vibrant and culturally diverse city that is home to a number of universities and colleges. The city is located just a few miles from Boston, which is one of the largest and most historic cities in the United States. Cambridge is also known for its strong economy, excellent transportation network, and vibrant arts and cultural scene.


Cambridge College Cambridge is a private, non-profit college that offers flexible degree programs and a supportive learning environment for adult learners. The college has a low tuition fee and offers a variety of financial aid options, including scholarships, grants, and loans.

While the college’s graduates earn an average salary that is lower than the average salary of graduates from other colleges and universities, the college provides a number of career services and resources to help students find employment after graduation. If you are an adult learner looking for a supportive and flexible college, Cambridge College may be the right choice for you.

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