Charles R. Drew University Of Medicine And Science, Los Angeles

Charles R. Drew University Of Medicine And Science is a private, nonprofit institution that specializes in medical education. The medical school, known as Charles R. Drew Postgraduate Medical School, was established in 1966 following a protracted battle to improve medical education for the local community.

In a similar vein, as time passed, the community’s expanding educational demands once more prompted the school to change, and by 1987 it had become a university.

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In California’s Los Angeles County neighborhood of Willowbrook, the university is located. It is a historically black institution that bears the name of Dr. Charles R. Drew, an African American physician who was a pioneer in the field of blood preservation. The university’s aim is to provide education and training that will produce not only healthcare professionals but also people who are devoted to serving their communities.

Students are better prepared for the demanding course of medical education they undergo at Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science. At the university, research complements academics. The institute’s current research priorities are HIV/AIDS, cardiometabolic research, and cancer health inequalities. Through clinical care programs, students become deeply involved in the notion of community duty.

Through education and outreach initiatives like Drew CARES, which focuses on establishing treatment and preventive strategies, and the Drew University HIV/AIDS Education and Community Outreach Project, which raises public awareness of the disease, students are required to give back to the community.

Through these efforts, the staff additionally offers free HIV testing. The university has started a Farmer’s Market activity in conjunction with the community development department and Heritage Education Group to advance community services.

The institution offers 18 academic programs, including general studies, graduate certificate programs, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, and others. The Mervyn M. Dymally School of Nursing is one of its well-known divisions.

Acceptance Rate

One of the most selective schools and universities in the country is Charles R Drew University of Medicine and Science, which has a relatively low acceptance rate of only 25%. Just in case, you should submit applications to additional schools in addition to CDU.

Faculty-to-Student Ratio

When determining how many teaching resources a college or university provides its students, the student-to-faculty ratio is frequently used as a benchmark. This metric’s average across the country is 15 to 1, however at CDU, it is substantially better at 9. That’s wonderful news for students who want to get to know their professors better on a more personal basis.

The proportion of Full-Time Faculty

This is due to the possibility that part-time instructors may not have as much free time on campus as their full-time colleagues.

36% of Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science’s faculty members work full-time. The national average is 47%, thus this is below that.

Rate of Freshmen Retention

The majority of first-year, full-time students at Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science like it enough to return for another year, as seen by the 73% freshmen retention rate. This is far greater than the country as a whole, which is 68%. That can definitely be added to the school’s list of positive attributes.

Rate of Graduation

For those pursuing a bachelor’s degree, the average time to graduation is four years. The first-time, full-time enrollment rate at CDU is 100%, which is higher than the 33.3% national average.

What is the price of Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science?

CDU sells for an average net cost of $25,621. Since net pricing differs by income level, the school’s affordability is mostly dependent on your financial needs.

Loans to students

While nearly two-thirds of college students nationwide borrow money to pay for their education, the number may be quite different at the institution you intend to enroll in. Nearly 82% of CDU students borrowed student loans, which have an average annual cost of $7,417. Over the course of four years, that comes to $29,668 for those pupils.

At CDU, the default rate for student loans is 1.6%. This is a positive indication that you will be able to repay your student loans because it is much lower than the 10.1% national default rate.

What Kind of Income Can CDU Graduates Expect?

Students who earn a bachelor’s degree from CDU go on to work in fields where they typically start off with an annual salary of $105,693, despite the fact that some majors are more lucrative than others. This is wonderful news for incoming CDU graduates because it represents a wage increase of 149% above the $42,485 annual earnings of the typical college graduate.

Learning Online at CDU

For students who are working while they are in school as well as those who have scheduling difficulties and want to study on their own time, online courses are a terrific alternative. Expect to see an increase in the number of online learning options available over time.

872 students enrolled in at least one online course at Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science in the academic year 2019–2020. Compared to the previous year, when 52 students participated in online coursework, this represents an increase.

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