8 Cheapest Boarding Schools in Pretoria

Cheapest boarding schools in Pretoria offer quality education at reasonable prices, providing boarding facilities for students to create a home-away-home environment.

This article will explore 8 of the cheapest boarding schools in Pretoria, focusing on their fees, facilities, and unique offerings.

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Cheapest Boarding Schools in Pretoria

1. Pretoria Boys High School

Pretoria Boys High School offers a structured and enriching environment through a sound academic program and involvement in sporting and cultural activities. The school has a recommended allowance of R300.00 per term for boarding expenses.

2. Pretoria Chinese School

Pretoria Chinese School does not offer boarding on school premises, but an affordable independent boarding house facility is available within short walking distance of the school.

3. St. George International School

St. George International School is a top choice for affordable boarding schools in Pretoria.

4. Reddford House Blue Hills

Reddford House Blue Hills has total annual fees per grade ranging from R66,268 for Grade R to R131,793 for Grade 12.

5. Royal Schools

Royal Schools offer a balanced approach to education, consisting of academics, sport, and culture. They have multiple campuses in Pretoria, including Royal School Sky City, which opened in 2018 and offers affordable private school education from Grade RRR to Grade 12.

6. Curro’s Boarding Schools

Curro’s Boarding Schools offer a safe, supportive, and comfortable home away from home for students. They have multiple campuses in Gauteng, including Curro Hazeldean, HeronBridge College, and Grantleigh.

7. Nigel High School

Nigel High School is one of the cheapest boarding schools in Gauteng, with fees ranging from R6,000 to R7,000 per annum.

8. Pretoria High School for Girls

Pretoria High School for Girls is a top public boarding school in Gauteng, with a fee of R65,000 per annum. The school has an approximate student capacity of 1,300 learners and is based on beliefs under the ideals of Christianity.


These 8 affordable boarding schools in Pretoria offer a variety of unique learning experiences, facilities, and boarding options to cater to the diverse needs of students.

Parents should consider factors such as academic performance, facilities, location, and price ranges when choosing the best school for their child.

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