Great Ways To Get An Online Degree In Agricultural Science

There are many ways to study and get an online degree in Agricultural Science. You can get it from an agricultural college or a school that specializes in agriculture. You may as well get it from any university that offers Agriculture or its related course. Or you can take a online course on Agriculture, that lets you practice before taking the actual test.

Online education is great for anyone who wants to learn more about their field of study or even pursue a career in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education.

 What is an Agricultural Science Degree?

An agricultural science degree is a three-year full-time degree that prepares you to work on a level with college students in the fields of biology, Chemistry, Economics, Geosciences, and other disciplines. Agricultural scientists earn the degree through an accredited university and can choose from a wide range of programs, from online courses to on-site programs. You can earn an online degree in agricultural science too.

How To Get An Online Degree In Agricultural Science

Find a nearby accredited agricultural school, and then work on a level with their students in the school’s Agriculture department. This will give you a good idea of how similar your field of study is to their offerings, making you more competitive in the job market. If you’re interested in the field of genetics, look into trying this out while you’re in school.

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How Hard is Agriculture as a Course?

The agriculture major is not particularly hard. Definitely, it’s not as challenging as STEM and healthcare majors. But since it’s an interdisciplinary field, encompassing anything from biology, chemistry, economics to marketing, agriculture majors have to study very well in order to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Top 7 Schools to Get an Online Degree in Agriculture Science

Here are some of the institutions that offer an online degree in agricultural science;

  1. Colorado State University
  2. Utah State University
  3. University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  4. Oregon State University
  5. Murray State University
  6. University of Tennessee at Martin
  7. Virginia Tech

Which degree is best for agriculture?

Typically offered as a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc. Agriculture), agriculture courses are highly interdisciplinary, requiring students to have a good grasp of both natural sciences and social sciences, and drawing on areas such as biology, environmental sciences, chemistry, economics and business and management.

Some of these degrees includes:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Agriculture and Food Business
  3. Forestry
  4. Animal Husbandry
  5. Agriculture Economics and Farm Management
  6. Fisheries
  7. Crop Physiology

Online Degrees in Agricultural Science

An online degree in agricultural science can be a great way to familiarize yourself with the field. You can learn basic mathematics and the statistics that go with it, as well as the science behind some of the more advanced concepts. There are many online courses in agriculture, and you can find courses that are specific to your discipline.

Advancements in Agriculture Education

Advanced agriculture education comes in many forms, but it’s often associated with prestigious universities such as the University of California or University of Florida. The University of Florida’s online extension program has become one of the most popular programs for students interested in advanced agriculture education.

Other degree programs in advanced  agriculture also offer online options, including Master of Science in Tropical Forest Science, Master of Science in Forest Resource Management, and Master of Science in Agroforestry. You can get that online degree in agricultural science here.

What are some of the highest-paying jobs in agriculture?

The thought of getting high pay cheques when you studied agricultural sciences may not have crossed your mind. Here are some of the highest paying jobs in the agricultural sector. there are:

  1. Farm manager.
  2. Forester.
  3. Agricultural specialist.
  4. Water treatment specialist.
  5. Food technologist.
  6. Environmental scientist.
  7. Water resources engineer.


The options for an online degree in agricultural science is pretty much endless. Some degree programs require a combination of office hours and a concentration (usually 80 hours or more), while others only require a single concentration. There are many opportunities to choose from, but the most popular options are the concentration-based programs, which are often offered as a single monograph.

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