The Hidden Facts Behind Being A Hotel Concierge

Hotel Concierge – For hotel guests, a hotel concierge serves as a personal helper. They answer inquiries from guests about hotel features and nearby eateries, activities, and attractions at desks located at the front of hotels.

Concierges in certain high-end hotels also book bookings for visitors and get event tickets. Read this article for more insight into this career.

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Duties of A Hotel Concierge

People who work as hotel concierges frequently have the following duties:

  • Operate as the main point of contact for visitors to the hotel who have inquiries about the facilities
  • Give visitors information on restaurants in the area, upcoming events, shows, and concerts, as well as tourist sites.
  • Make dinner reservations, plan for travel, and get tickets for events for your guests.
  • By being amiable, helpful, and knowledgeable, provide great customer service.

Job Description

Depending on how busy the hotel is on any given day, a hotel concierge may have to perform several daily duties. When the hotel is full, the concierge spends most of the day taking calls, arranging reservations, and responding to inquiries from guests. The concierge learns about the neighborhood and engages in networking when business at the hotel is slow.

Hotel concierges must be quite aware of the town or city they work in because many of the inquiries they receive are regarding the surrounding area.

In addition to knowing what restaurants and sights to suggest based on visitor interests, they ought to be aware of any current events, performances, and concerts. Additionally, in order to provide guests with last-minute ticket options and discounts, they need to establish connections with local business proprietors and event marketers.

A hotel concierge in a high-end hotel may be in charge of finding last-minute event or performance tickets for visitors, making restaurant reservations, and arranging transportation to and from locations outside the hotel. However, not all hotel concierges must fulfill this role; those working in budget or mid-range accommodations may only be responsible for answering customers’ queries and giving them the necessary brochures and information.

Regular Work Hours

The majority of hotel concierge positions are full-time, and depending on the hotel’s policies, they may demand you to work any shift. Hotel concierges typically work the second shift to help guests in the evening when preparations for dinner and the following day are being made.

Common Employers

Concierges are frequently employed by mid to high-end hotels to help guests with inquiries. Hotel concierges frequently work for large hotel chains like Hilton, Hyatt, and Marriott, while many find employment at 5-star hotels that are independently owned or a part of smaller groups.

Getting a Job as a Hotel Concierge

With only high school graduation, it is feasible to work as a hotel concierge, although this takes a lot of prior hotel experience. Many hotel concierges begin their careers as front-desk staff members who check customers in and out of the establishment.

This gives aspiring concierges some time to familiarize themselves with the hotel, its services, and the neighborhood before taking on a hotel concierge position. Aspiring concierges must have local knowledge in addition to expertise, therefore they frequently spend their free time visiting their cities.

A certificate or bachelor’s degree can be helpful for people who wish to move immediately into hotel concierge roles or for people who want to work for high-end hotels. Concierge services certificate programs are offered by several universities, and these programs can give people who don’t want to commit to a 4-year curriculum the essential skills. Others who want to work as hotel concierges enroll in bachelor’s programs in hospitality management.

Aspiring concierges can typically get positions with mid- to high-end local and chain hotels with a hospitality management degree and extensive local expertise. Additionally, if students choose to pursue a career in hotel management later in life, they will be qualified to advance into highly lucrative jobs.

Information on Hotel Concierge Salary

This information is provided from thoroughly carried out research by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The national average salary for this job is $30,870 while the wage per hour is $15.

How does pay for Hotel Concierges compare to other professions?

According to the most recent data on employment across the country, hotel concierges can earn an average yearly salary of $30,870, or $15 per hour. It is therefore a salary over the absolute maximum. When just starting out or depending on the state you live in, they may make as little as $23,050, or $11 per hour.

Comparatively speaking, how has the job growth for Hotel Concierges fared?

The number of individuals engaged in the career nationwide will change by 3,200 positions by 2024, or 34,400 persons. The career will expand at a below-average national rate thanks to this 10.3% shift in growth over the ensuing ten years.

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