How Good Is Amridge University?

In 1967, Alabama Christian School of Religion was founded as a straightforward higher education institution. Today, Amridge University is one of the most well-known names in online education. Rex Allwin Turner, Sr. established this institute with the intended goal of supplying education and training for ministerial practice.

The school developed over time, broadened its academic offerings to include new fields of study, and is now a private, liberal arts university. Its headquarters are in Montgomery, Alabama.

Amridge University has a strong basis of spiritual enlightenment and elevation in everything it delivers because to its roots in a school of religion.

However, this does not prevent the university from adopting an innovative strategy and keeping up with technological improvements. It has been providing online education since 1993.

The university hosts a “Capital Prayer Breakfast” event in keeping with its customs and heritage as a Christian-centered institution. This event, which occurs every three months, serves as both a chance and a call for all Christians who want to pray together and get active in their communities.

For those who still wish to participate in this event without being there in person, it is also being streamed online. As a regular reminder of their life’s purpose, the campus also hosts a chapel service once a week.

The institution also runs its own publishing house, Amridge University Press, which specializes in the theology and history and produces intellectual and academic literature. The majority of published titles are readily available for purchase on

Amridge offers associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs in addition to other types of academic programs. It offers all of its courses online. The Continuing Education options include a wide range of additional programs. The institution provides certificate programs, personal and professional development courses, and skill development courses in conjunction with “Ed4Online.”

Rex Allwin Turner, Sr. gave the Turner School of Theology and the Morgan W. Brown Building their respective names, and they are both prominent university departments and buildings.

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Rate of Acceptance

Amridge University has a rather good acceptance rate, admitting a sizable portion of applications each year. This is as a result of its dedication to giving students from all backgrounds, regardless of their academic level or financial circumstances, educational possibilities.

The university has been one of the more open universities in the area in recent years, accepting 80% of candidates on average.

Rate of Graduation and Retention

Amridge University has a strong dedication to the success of its students, as seen by its exceptional retention and graduation rates. With a retention rate of over 70%, the university has a four-year graduation rate of over 50%.

The excellence of the university’s programs and the commitment of its teachers and staff to assisting students in achieving their objectives are reflected in these high rates.

Student Fees

With tuition costs that are much cheaper than those of many other private colleges, Amridge University provides an inexpensive education. The university charges about $12,000 in tuition for full-time students per year, which is less than the national average for private schools and universities.

The university also provides a variety of financial aid and scholarship programs to help students afford their education.

Education Loans

In order to assist students in financing their study, Amridge University provides a range of student loan options. Federal student loans, private student loans, and other types of financial aid are all available to students who qualify.

The financial assistance office at the institution can guide students through the application process and help them choose the best loans for their particular circumstances.

Typical salary for Graduates of Amridge University

Graduates of Amridge University have strong earning potential, and many pursue successful careers in a number of industries. The average salary of Amridge University alumni, according on data from the U.S. Department of Education, is close to $50,000 per year.

This is greater than the average for college graduates nationally and speaks to the caliber of the university’s academic offerings and the employability of its alumni.


Montgomery, Alabama, the home of Amridge University, is a city renowned for its extensive history, thriving arts community, and wealth of outdoor recreation activities. Since the university is located in the middle of the city, it is simple for students to visit nearby landmarks, go shopping, or eat.

Additionally, other significant cities in the vicinity are easily accessible from Montgomery, making it simple for students to visit the surrounding area.

In summary, Amridge University is an excellent option for those seeking a cost-effective, top-notch education. The university offers a distinctive educational experience that is highly recommended due to its strong dedication to student success, competent professors, and appealing location.

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