Do You Plan on Going To Humboldt State University?

Public university Humboldt State University belongs to the California State University system. As a teacher’s college, it was founded in 1913 and given the name Humboldt State Normal School in honor of the illustrious German scientist Alexander von Humboldt.

William Preston and the Union Water business provided the land for the university campus. In 1916, the school held its first session. Five years later, the California Department of Education was given control of the college and moved it to its current location. Humboldt State Teacher’s College and Junior College is now the institution’s official name. In 1927, bachelor’s degree programs were first made available.

In 1935, a new name, Humboldt State College, was given to it. In order to protect the Founder’s hall from raids by Japanese submarines during World War II, it was painted green. In 1947, Humboldt began providing graduate degrees, and the junior college program was discontinued in 1962. Ten years later, the name was changed once more to California State University, Humboldt, but as many still called it Humboldt State, the current name was adopted in 1974.

The university’s 144-acre campus in Arcata, California, is surrounded by five off-campus facilities, giving the college a total size of 591 acres. College Greek Complex, Harry Griffith Hall, Schatz Energy Research Center, Redwood Bowel, Founders Hall, Siemens Hall, John Van Duzer Theatre, Gist Hall, Warren House, Nelson Hall, and Jolly Giant Commons and Residence Halls are just a few of the campus’s unique amenities available to students.

The university’s mascot is named Lucky Logger, and its official colors are gold and green. The Lumberjacks, the school’s athletic teams, participate in California Collegiate Athletic and NCAA Division II.

Three colleges make up Humboldt, which offers 14 certification programs, 12 master’s degree programs, 73 minors, and 49 bachelor’s degree programs. The Western Association of Schools and Colleges initially approved its accreditation.

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Acceptance Rate

Since Humboldt State University has an acceptance rate of 85%, enrolling there is simpler than at some other universities. However, the admissions team will carefully review your application to ensure that you are a suitable fit for Humboldt State University.

Test scores on average

The SAT scores for almost 91% of applicants to Humboldt State University were submitted. SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing scores fell between 490 and 610 for the 25th through the 75th percentile. The range of math scores was 480 to 580.

The ratio of students to faculty

Humboldt State University has a student-to-faculty ratio of roughly 17 to 1. This ratio is frequently used to estimate how many students might be in an ordinary class and how much time professors will have to spend on an individual level with their students. This metric’s national average is 15 to 1.

The proportion of full-time faculty

In addition to the student-to-faculty ratio, some individuals consider the percentage of faculty members who work full-time to be an indicator of how much time instructors will have to spend with their students. Part-time teachers may not be on campus as much as full-time teachers.

Humboldt State University has a full-time faculty percentage of 58%. This is higher than the 47% national average.

Rate of Retention of Freshmen

The 73% freshmen retention rate indicates that the majority of first-year, full-time students enjoy Humboldt State University enough to return for a second year. This is slightly higher than the 68% national average.

Average Graduation Rate

The percentage of first-time, full-time students who complete a bachelor’s degree in four years or less is referred to as the on-time graduation rate. This rate is 16% at Humboldt State University for first-time, full-time students, which is lower than the national average of 33.3%.

What is the tuition at Humboldt State University?

Humboldt State University’s overall average net price is $14,956. Because net pricing varies by income category, the school’s affordability is mostly determined by your financial need.

Student Loans

Almost 66% of college students in the 2018 graduating class took out student loans, while the percentage varies by school. Approximately 52% of Humboldt State University students took out student loans averaging $5,851 per year. That amounts to $23,404 for those students over the course of four years.

The default rate on student loans at Humboldt State University is 5.9%. This is far lower than the national default rate of 10.1%, indicating that you will be able to repay your student debts.

What do Humboldt State University graduates earn?

Some degrees pay more than others, but students who graduate with a bachelor’s degree from Humboldt State University earn an average of $42,726 a year in their first few years of employment after graduation. This is comparable to the average wage of a college graduate, which is $42,485 per year. Certain majors, on the other hand, may produce graduates with better salaries.

Humboldt State University Online Learning

At American colleges and universities, online learning is becoming increasingly popular. Online programs are ideal for students with demanding schedules or who prefer to study on their own time.

In 2019-2020, 6,580 Humboldt State University students took at least one online course. This represents an increase from the previous year’s enrollment of 2,111 students in online classes.

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