Is Bentley University Acceptance Rate A Problem?

Find out about Bentley University acceptance rate. Bentley School of Accounting and Finance was established in 1917 in Boston by Harry C. Bentley, who was motivated by his own approaches to accounting teaching. Bentley was a business professor who had previously taught accounting at Boston University.

In addition to expanding its curriculum to cover a wide range of courses, it became coeducational in 1942. It became a college in 1971 after receiving authority to award degrees in the humanities and sciences. Bentley University adopted its current name in 2008.

Today, it operates as a private, nonprofit institute in Waltham, Massachusetts, and has a board of trustees. The university, as a modern institution, is strongly committed to research and to bringing new ideas to the table through its Research Council. Additionally, it has a Bentley Learning and Teaching Council (BLTC) that collaborates with professors to provide tools for better teaching experiences.

At Bentley University, student life offers a diverse experience. More than a hundred student clubs and gatherings promote participation and interaction among students in a more social and multicultural atmosphere. Two yearly conferences that feature speakers and their experiences about advancing professionally and in communities are used to carry out leadership training for students. The university’s own “Falcon Society” recognizes outstanding students who excel in their coursework, extracurricular activities, and leadership responsibilities.

There are also chances for all art enthusiasts; at Mobile Arts Studio, students have the chance to learn from and hone their talents with experts in the area through arts workshops. Broadway and cultural shows are further options. Students from all religions practice their beliefs in a designated area on campus that is open to them. The NCAA Division II has athletic teams that compete there; its mascot is Flex the Falcon, and its school colors are Blue and White.

There are undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate academic programs. It provides 35 minors and 24 majors. Nathan R. Miller Hall is one of the campus’s significant buildings.

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Bentley University Acceptance Rate

Bentley University is known for being selective in its admissions process. In 2020, Bentley University acceptance rate was 61.8%, meaning that only slightly less than half of applicants were admitted to the university. This makes Bentley a competitive choice for those who are seeking a top-quality business education.

Graduation and Retention Rate

Bentley University has a strong track record when it comes to graduating its students. In 2020, the graduation rate was 89.6%. This means that a large percentage of students who start their education at Bentley are able to complete it successfully.

Additionally, the retention rate for Bentley is 90%, meaning that the majority of students who start their education at the university stay to finish it.

Tuition Fee

Bentley University is a private institution, and as such, it can be costly. The tuition fee for the 2022-2023 academic year was $41,280. However, the university also offers scholarships and financial aid to help students cover the cost of their education.

Additionally, students who attend Bentley are often able to secure high-paying jobs after graduation, which can help to offset the cost of tuition.

Student Loans

Many students at Bentley University take out student loans to help cover the cost of their education. In 2020, the average student loan debt for Bentley graduates was $33,873. However, Bentley also offers several loan forgiveness programs and resources to help graduates manage their debt. Additionally, the high salaries earned by Bentley graduates make it easier for them to pay back their loans.

Average Salary of Bentley University Graduates

One of the biggest benefits of a Bentley University education is the high earning potential of its graduates. In 2020, the average starting salary for Bentley graduates was $62,300. This means that students who attend Bentley are likely to earn a substantial income after they graduate, which can help to offset the cost of tuition and student loans.


Bentley University is located in Waltham, Massachusetts, just a short distance from Boston. This location offers students access to a vibrant and culturally rich city, as well as a number of job opportunities. Additionally, the university is located in close proximity to many of the world’s largest companies, making it easier for students to secure internships and employment after graduation.


Bentley University is a well-respected institution that offers students a top-quality education in business and the liberal arts. With a competitive Bentley University acceptance rate, high graduation and retention rate, and a location that provides access to a wealth of opportunities, Bentley is a great choice for students who are looking to start a successful career in business.

Additionally, the high salaries earned by Bentley graduates and the university’s resources for managing student loan debt make it a wise investment in one’s future.

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