Is International Studies Major The Right Program For Me?

International studies major may be of interest to you if working abroad, seeing different cultures, and communicating in foreign languages sound like your ideal college experience. Students of international studies enroll in courses that prepare them to live and work abroad, speak a second language fluently, comprehend cultural differences, and address urgent global concerns.

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International Studies: What is it?

Going abroad on vacation is one thing, but working there is quite another. An international studies degree program can provide the knowledge and training that U.S. residents who wish to work and reside abroad for extended periods of time need.

This multidisciplinary degree gives students a complete education in international business themes as well as information on the political, historical, and cultural contexts of many parts of the world.

Foreign language proficiency is typically required before graduation, and students may double major or concentrate in two different languages. Many schools provide opportunities for students to spend a semester abroad so they can fully immerse themselves in the language, network internationally, and gain a more in-depth understanding of various locations and cultures. Graduates are well-equipped to begin professions in the public or private sectors in the fields they have studied abroad.

Jobs For International Studies Major

Graduates of international studies should have a promising future because of how much more in-demand skilled translators, interpreters, and cultural educators are as a result of globalization. Students can find employment locally, nationally, or internationally as ESL or other language teachers, as business consultants for foreign companies wishing to expand in the United States, or with American companies looking to develop internationally. Graduates might also find employment in the United States translating legal and medical papers.

Online Degree in International Studies

Recent years have seen an increase in interest in international studies as a result of the globalization of politics and trade. It should be noted that some positions may require a second degree, thus having a general degree like international studies may not be enough to qualify you for the job market.

For working students seeking flexible educational options and who want to develop their careers, an online international studies degree is still a suitable option. Around 120 credit hours must be completed to earn a bachelor’s degree in international studies.

When compared to other degrees, the degree is typically not difficult to accomplish, especially if you are passionate about the topic.

What Can An International Studies Major Do For Me?

A subfield of social studies known as “international studies” focuses on political, economic, social, and cultural facets of international interactions. Another name for it is global studies. These programs’ aim is to provide a comprehensive and integrated understanding of subjects with an international scope, especially in the age of globalization. Although the degree is not specifically applicable to some professions, having a degree in international studies can be a huge benefit in business and politics.

What Do Students of International Studies Learn?

Programs in international studies are thorough and broad. The topics given are additionally considered from a global perspective. This implies, for instance, that studying politics will cover all of the political systems in existence today, not simply the one found in the US or another particular nation. Although it may be difficult to learn, many university students find this to be an intriguing field. Courses that are frequently provided in programs for international studies are listed below:


Nowadays, international relations’ most crucial area is this one. The majority of the items that are currently created in many countries as parts are traded among all of the continents. The economy can also be used to conquer other, less developed nations. Oil, spices, and gold are examples of resources that have shaped the planet.


Understanding how the modern world came to be is aided by studying history. Additionally, it will aid in comprehending human psychology and society.

International Law

It alludes to the laws, regulations, expectations, and norms that serve as the basis for regulating international interactions.

Political Science

The organization and structure of many political systems from around the world are introduced in this course. Additionally, students learn about the most significant international accords and the political interactions between nations.

When I Graduate, Where Can I Work?

International studies ought to be among your options if you have the desire to explore the world or interact with individuals from different cultures. You can work for multinational corporations with customers and branches in other nations if you earn a degree in international studies. Following is a list of possible careers for graduates in international studies:

Financial institutes

The vast majority of financial institutions should have a solid awareness of these markets given that they have investments and obligations in most countries throughout the world.

Foreign corporations

Graduates in international studies are qualified to work for international corporations. They are more knowledgeable about the company’s culture, vision, policies, and legal framework.

International Marketing and Trade Firms

Due to the fact that it is governed by laws from numerous nations and involves people from various cultural backgrounds, international trade differs greatly from local trade.

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