The Secret of Being a Meter Maid

A meter maid has typical duties including watching over parking lots and roadways to make sure that motorists obey regional and national parking regulations. Meter maids are typically delegated to particular regions where they patrol and keep an eye out for any parking infractions such as parking in a no-parking zone, highlighting expired parking meters, and identifying other illegal parking concerns.

Meter maids frequently receive inquiries from the general public with regard to parking, directions, and other local knowledge as a result of their employment on the city streets.

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The following tasks are under the purview of professionals in this field:

  • Identify any automobiles that are breaking parking regulations, and when necessary, contact dispatchers to confirm license plates or find out which vehicles need to be booted or towed.
  • Put temporary signs or barricades up, direct traffic, place bags on parking meters to prevent people from using them, and set up other traffic control measures.
  • Arrange for the towing of abandoned or automobiles parked unlawfully, and point tow truck drivers in the right direction.
  • Maintain the provided tools and supplies, including citation books, rain gear, chalk for tire marking, and traffic cones.
  • Examine and settle contested parking tickets by determining the truthfulness of complaints and directing them as necessary.

How the Job Goes

You will be checking for compliance with rules and safety standards in a certain section of the city as a meter maid. Patrolling public parking lots, city streets, and parking ramps, where you are needed to police parking restrictions, is one of the daily jobs. At work, encountering violations is typical; examples include unpaid parking meters, and automobiles parked improperly, such as in front of a fire hydrant.

You will interact with a variety of people while working as a meter maid, whether it is to instruct drivers on where to park or alert pedestrians to a crossing. As a result, having the correct attitude and effective communication skills are essential. The right city and state parking and car codes, laws, and regulations must be well understood and upheld by meter maids.

Additionally, you will be required to create and maintain daily records including logs of parking enforcement activity and records of contested citations, thus reading comprehension and numeracy skills are crucial.

Typical Hours and the Work Schedule

A meter maid needs to be ready to work a variety of shifts, including on the weekends, at night, and on holidays. Typically, work is done outside in all types of weather. In order to control traffic and guarantee safe and efficient parking during special events like sporting events or national or state festivals, meter maids may occasionally be assigned to work.

Future of the Career

Since 2004, the general job outlook for professions such as meter maids and parking enforcement workers has remained unchanged. By 2018, 570 new jobs for meter maids are anticipated to be filled as demand for these workers increases. The majority of meter maids and parking enforcement officers think that having up to three months of relevant work experience from previous employment gives them an advantage over rivals.

Common Employers

Although police officers may occasionally be responsible for parking enforcement, many cities, municipalities, and companies instead use parking enforcement professionals, such as meter maids, to uphold local parking regulations. Meter maids and other parking enforcement officials are also employed by schools and institutions in addition to positions with municipal governments.

Getting Started as a Meter Maid

Although the qualifications for becoming a meter maid can change based on the employment, all candidates must be at least 18 years old and possess a high school certificate or GED. One must have a thorough understanding of local parking regulations as well as excellent navigational abilities to help drivers and pedestrians with their questions. In some places, parking enforcement officials may need to be citizens or pass a civil service exam.

In addition to meeting educational requirements, meter maids must be in good physical condition because the job necessitates long stretches of standing and walking. Since they might need to drive to various locations within their designated patrol area, meter maids are also needed to have a current driver’s license. These days, parking enforcement tools may include a printer/fanny pack and a digital handheld with a camera and a scanner. Another requirement for this position is the ability to politely and clearly communicate a parking violation to others.

Meter Maid Pay Data

The average national salary for a meter maid is $38,280 while the average national pay per hour is $18. This data was obtained from recent research by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

How much money does a Meter Maid make compared to other jobs?

According to the most recent data on employment across the country, Meter Maids can earn an average yearly pay of $38,280, or $18 per hour. It is therefore a higher-than-average wage. They can make as little as $27,570 per year, or $13 per hour, depending on the state you live in or whether you are just starting out.

How has the growth of jobs for Meter Maids compared to others?

7,400 persons will be employed in the field nationwide by 2024, a change of -2,000 jobs. This represents a -21.3% change in growth during the subsequent 10 years, giving the career a below-average growth rate nationally.

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