Everything Good About Mount Holyoke College Financial Aid For International Students

Get to know about Mount Holyoke College financial aid for international students. Private liberal arts college for women, Mount Holyoke College (MHC).

The Mount Holyoke Female Seminary was the name of the institution when it received its charter in 1836. The following year, the school’s first class began.

Students were expected to participate in religious study groups, church services, meetings, and prayers despite the seminary’s lack of a formal religious connection. The institution was in close association with Andover Male Seminary.

After receiving its charter and becoming officially recognized as a college, it changed its name to Mount Holyoke Seminary and College in 1888 before shortening it to Mount Holyoke College in 1893.

The college administrations debated turning it into a coeducational institution in the 1970s, but they ultimately decided to keep it a female college.

A policy allowing the admission of transgender students and students with non-binary sexual orientation was approved by the college’s board of trustees in 2014.

The 800-acre Mount Holyoke Campus in South Hadley, Massachusetts, was created by the Olmsted and Sons Architectural Company.

It has a number of standout structures, such as Skinner Hall, Mary Woolley Hall, Williston Library, and the Willits-Hallowell Conference Center.

The campus’s unique landscape includes a botanic garden, multiple waterfalls, two lakes, and riding trails through the woods.

It is also determined to become an ecofriendly institute following “The Big Switch Off” campaign which resulted in decreasing the trash and energy consumption of the institute by 40%.

There are 21 structures on the site, including the Mandelles, Dickinson House, Brigham Hall, Buckland Hall, Abbey Hall, Creighton Hall, and 1837 Hall. White and light blue are the university’s official colors.

Mount Holyoke has 92 majors more than that. The New England Association of Schools and Colleges has accredited it. According to U.S. News and World Reports, the college is now ranked 35th among American liberal arts colleges.

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Acceptance Rate

Firstly, Mount Holyoke College has a highly selective admissions process, with an acceptance rate of 34% in 2021.

This means that only a third of applicants are admitted, making it a competitive process for all students, including international ones.

However, Mount Holyoke College has a need-blind admissions policy for all international students, which means that the college will evaluate applicants without considering their ability to pay for college.

This policy ensures that all students are evaluated based on their academic merits and potential.

Graduation and Retention Rate

Mount Holyoke College has an impressive graduation rate of 86%, which means that the majority of students who enroll at the college are able to complete their degree within four years.

Additionally, the retention rate for first-year students is 90%, which is higher than the national average.

These rates indicate that Mount Holyoke College provides a supportive academic environment that helps students to succeed.

Tuition Fee

As of 2021-2022, the tuition fee for Mount Holyoke College is $58,496. However, this fee does not include additional costs such as room and board, textbooks, and personal expenses.

Therefore, the total cost of attendance for international students may vary depending on their specific circumstances.

Student Loans

International students are not eligible for federal financial aid in the United States. However, Mount Holyoke College offers institutional aid and private loans for international students who demonstrate financial need.

The college encourages students to apply for outside scholarships as well to offset the costs of attendance.

Average Salary of Mount Holyoke College Graduates

Mount Holyoke College graduates have a high earning potential after graduation. According to PayScale, the average salary for Mount Holyoke College alumni is $70,000 per year.

This figure is higher than the national average for liberal arts colleges and indicates that a degree from Mount Holyoke College can lead to lucrative career opportunities.


Mount Holyoke College is located in South Hadley, Massachusetts, a small town in the Pioneer Valley. The campus is surrounded by natural beauty and is only a short drive away from larger cities such as Boston and New York City.

This location provides students with access to cultural and recreational activities in addition to a high-quality education.

Mount Holyoke College Financial Aid For International Students

Mount Holyoke College offers financial aid packages to international students who demonstrate financial need. The college’s financial aid program is designed to meet the full demonstrated need of all admitted students, regardless of their nationality or citizenship status.

This means that international students who qualify for financial aid will receive the same level of support as domestic students.

In addition, Mount Holyoke College offers merit-based scholarships for international students who demonstrate exceptional academic achievements or talents. These scholarships range from $5,000 to full tuition and are renewable for up to four years.


Mount Holyoke College provides a high-quality education and ample financial aid opportunities for international students who demonstrate financial need or academic excellence.

The college’s commitment to need-blind admissions and meeting the full demonstrated need of all admitted students ensures that the financial burden of attending college is not a barrier to access for international students.

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