The Top 8 Online Degrees That Pay Well

The world of work and study has never been more competitive than it is today. Students from all over the world are flocking to a new destinations to learn the hard way. Smart money is on the rise, and students now want online degrees that pay well. The competition for a job can be fierce, but also rewarding.

There’s a reason why more students are turning to online learning as their number one option for college education and there’s plenty of good reason. Online degree programs offer many benefits that directly benefit the student who takes up an online degree program. Many students will find success at a much higher level than they could ever achieve on campus.

While working remotely may seem like a long way out at times, knowing that you have access to quality education anywhere, anytime is priceless when you’re hustling for your job and your future is on the line. Read on for our top 8 online degrees that pay well list!

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Top 8 Online Degrees That Pay Well

Degree in Computer Science

The need for computer specialists is growing, and there are many possibilities available in the high-tech sector. This degree will open up a world of extremely profitable opportunities if you have a technical and analytical mind.

With a degree in computer science, you can acquire a thorough education in front-end and back-end development, which are both lucrative career paths, as well as design, development, testing, documentation, database management, and programming languages. You’ll receive a well-rounded education as a result, giving you a strong foundation for a career that is in high demand.

One of the most lucrative degrees is computer science. This degree is undoubtedly beneficial if you are unclear of your job path. After earning your degree, you will have a plethora of options. Back-end developers, front-end developers, web designers, cyber-security analysts, UX/UI designers, algorithm engineers, programmers, and more are all possible career paths.

The average pay for a cyber-security engineer in the UK is $91,755, and in the USA it is $95,261 according to CW Jobs and Payscale. A survey by Payscale on the highest-paying positions for computer science majors in 2018 lists the Software Development Director at $154,000.

Bachelor’s in Business Administration

You can learn about finance, accounting, business law, organizational behavior, management, and leadership with a degree in business administration.

You will be in high demand once you have completed your degree thanks to this set of transferable abilities that are in high demand and a solid background in business administration. Business development managers, business advisors, financial consultants, investment bankers, business analysts, project managers, human resources managers, actuaries, and many other careers are all possible.

Financial managers, with an average salary of $121,750 and expected growth of 18.7%, were ranked number 17 on the 2018 list of the 25 highest paying careers in America by Business Insider. The marketing manager at number 14 on our ranking had an average pay of $131,180 and a 10% expected increase.


If you enjoy teaching and are searching for a difficult and satisfying job where you can influence the future generation, an education degree is the ideal choice. An M.Ed is the solution if you already have your first degree and some experience and want to move up the educational career ladder and into a better-paying position.

You will learn leadership abilities, curriculum design, learning theory, child and adolescent development, and instructional methods if you pursue an M.Ed. In a wide range of occupations, there is a great demand for transferrable teaching abilities including leadership and management.

The M.Ed is a graduate-level course of study created to prepare students for exciting professions in childcare, education, and community leadership. Excellent candidates will be given the chance to complete an internship with International Baccalaureate institutions. This program allows you the ability to specialize in Elementary/Middle School Education or Secondary Education.


If you want to have financial security, engineering is the degree for you because it is one of the most rewarding. Engineering is the greatest undergraduate degree for obtaining the highest paying jobs according to a 2018 list put together by Business Insider.

Engineering fields that you can major in include chemical, mechanical, civil, electrical, and aeronautical. A Business Insider 2018 analysis states that 50 college majors have an early career income of at least $60,000 and many have a mid-career pay of over $100,000.

The STEM fields—science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—are the top college majors for the highest paid jobs after graduation.


Choose nursing as your major if you enjoy helping people and have a passion for medicine. You might choose to specialize in adult nursing, pediatric nursing, midwifery, or mental health nursing in this very fulfilling profession.

Anatomy and physiology, microbiology, treating patients with special needs, treating individuals who are critically sick, infection control, and pharmacology are some of the subjects you will study.

According to a comparison chart of nursing salaries, the USA pays the highest nursing salaries abroad, followed by Australia in second place and the UK in third.


An accounting degree can be the ideal choice for you if you are mathematically inclined and enjoy crunching numbers. You’ll study statistics, economics, accounting, business administration, and both micro- and macroeconomics.

A CPA’s (Certified Public Accountant) typical annual pay in the USA is $64K, with the potential to reach $104K with experience, according to Payscale. You can pursue careers as a Business Development Manager, a Data Analyst, or an Actuary after earning an accounting degree. An experienced actuary may command a very high income. states that a Chief Actuary in the UK can make up to $260,000 per year, however be aware that your starting salary as a fresh graduate will be $41,323.


Marketing talents are highly sought-after in today’s fast-paced, fiercely competitive digital world. You will study about consumer behavior, research, finance, business administration, digital marketing, communications, management, economics, and more with a marketing degree, giving you useful skills you can apply in the workplace. Marketing experts are the ones who make it all happen. Every business needs to sell, advertise, and promote its goods and services.

The best degree for you would be in marketing if you have an analytical yet creative mind. A Senior Marketing Manager makes, on average, $61K in the UK, rising to $89K with experience, and $98K in the USA, rising to $138K with more experience, per Payscale.

Management of Supply Chain and Logistics

There is a rising demand for graduates in logistics and supply chain due to the complexity of a globalized supply chain. Any company model needs logistics because they manage the flow of items into and out of an organization. This covers air freight, rail transportation, warehousing, packing, and shipping. You will study procurement, supply chain management, finance & business, sustainability, global economy, management, transportation, and emerging technologies while earning a degree in logistics.

A logistics manager makes an average of $48K in Canada and $81K in the USA, according to Payscale.


Online education is a great option for students who want to expand their knowledge and learn new skills. It’s also a good option for students who need more time for their studies because working remotely oftentimes means taking more time out for learning.

Plus, online education can be a good alternative to on-campus study for students who need more time for their studies but don’t want to take the time out for gas or food. Online degree programs provide an excellent foundation for your knowledge and skills. You can learn a lot through an online course.

Online learning lets you work anywhere, whenever you want, and when you want to learn. It allows you to learn from experts who teach online from scratch. Additionally, you can score high marks for autonomy in your online education, as students can choose how much time, where, and from whom they want to take the course.

Furthermore, online education is affordable and easy to learn. You can start your online education today!

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