5 Outstanding Online Phlebotomy Schools For You

In 2023, there will be a high need for Phlebotomists. So, the search for online phlebotomy schools that offer them will rise. The BLS predicts that it will become one of the healthcare careers that grows very quickly.

Since the pandemic started, there has been a higher need for diagnostic testing. This means that healthcare centers have to employ more phlebotomists to collect blood samples.

Phlebotomists, also called Phlebotomy Technicians, can work in different healthcare places like hospitals, nursing homes, and private doctor’s offices.

These places need to employ trained and certified phlebotomists who can be trusted to keep patients safe. To acquire the necessary skills, you need to undergo proper training.

The proper training not only helps you get ready for a job as a Phlebotomist but also helps you become certified.

There are different training programs available for people to choose from. These include full-time associate degrees, diploma programs offered by community colleges, and even local phlebotomy classes offered by organizations.

However, busy adults often choose to take online phlebotomy classes because they can learn from their own home and don’t have to stick to a specific schedule.

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If you don’t know which phlebotomy training school to choose, we have a list of the top schools for phlebotomy certification that we recommend.

Top Online Phlebotomy School for the year 2023

1. Preppy

When you want to start a career as a phlebotomist, Preppy can really help you.

It is a modern organization that has joined forces with Auburn University, a highly respected institution, to provide students with thorough career training and certification preparation.

And you can achieve all of this without going to college for four years or having to pay for tuition that will put you in financial debt.

Why do we believe it is amazing. It’s quicker, not expensive, and you can learn entirely online and at your own speed.

You can finish the program in just two months and be prepared for a major certification in Phlebotomy, called the CPT – Certified Phlebotomy Technician, from the National Healthcare Association (NHA).

If you don’t know, there are many certification programs offered by institutions that are not accredited or do not have a good reputation. With Preppy, you will get your training from Auburn University, a well-known school that offers excellent programs.

Basically, this certificate will look great on your wall and will impress employers when you include it on your resume.

Most programs usually take about 1 or 2 years to finish, which is a significant amount of time. Time is valuable, so it can be considered quite long. Instead, by taking a shorter online course that is interactive, you can start working and making money sooner.

Do we have preferences or favor some things. Definitely. We have noticed many boring schools in the past that provide low-quality training for phlebotomy certification. We are excited to see that Preppy is now accessible to everyone.

The program is available online and you can learn at your own pace. You can study at home on your sofa, on your back porch, or at your favorite coffee shop nearby.

It also provides books and things to help you learn, so you don’t have to worry about paying extra for them.

This is extremely uncommon in the industry. Many other programs have additional fees that they don’t tell you about, and they also make you go to a physical campus every week.

But when you get certified with Preppy, you can learn at a time that is most convenient for you.

2. Houston Community College

Houston Community College, also known as HCC, was established in 1971. It is a public college located in Texas.

It is a public school that focuses on helping people develop job skills and offers affordable education. They have a program that teaches phlebotomy and gives a certification.

It is not expensive. Students learn how to do different ways of collecting samples and get practice working with real patients in a lab class. We’re happy that the program is affordable, it’s a recognized institution, and it offers practical experience through its laboratory component.

We have three main issues: First, they do not provide any financial assistance for the cost. Second, the program is not available online and can only be taken at two locations in Texas.

Third, their prerequisites are among the most challenging compared to other institutions on this list. To join the course, students need to get a few vaccines like Hepatitis B, MMR, and others. and besides having a high school diploma or GED, you also need to undergo a background check.

3. PhlebotomyU

PhlebotomyU was started almost 40 years ago to help students have better careers in phlebotomy and meet the needs of healthcare providers. They also give students real experience in phlebotomy education. The organization is a business that makes money and is allowed to work in California at their place in San Diego.

This training program is made to go above the requirements for students to get certified as a CPT (and possibly also get the PTC certification from the NPCE). We like that the class sizes are small, they focus well on phlebotomy training, they offer an externship, and they have a good curriculum.

However, there are a couple of issues. This coursework can only be done at their campus and there are no online alternatives. Furthermore, even though they are allowed to operate in California, they do not have official accreditation as an educational institution.

Lastly, their prices for phlebotomy programs are somewhat expensive.

4. American National University

American National University started in 1886 and its main goal is to offer education that meets the needs and trends of different industries. Because of its industry-focused approach, the Phlebotomy programs are taught by professionals who work in the field and have a practical approach to achieving results.

After finishing the course, the students can do simple blood drawing, understand heart rhythms using a machine called electrocardiogram (ECG), talk to patients and check their vital signs like heart rate and blood pressure.

They will also make sure that all safety rules and ethical guidelines are followed in hospitals or clinics.

However, while online courses are very convenient and offer immersive learning, there are still a few things to consider.

The program has 36 credit hours of coursework, which means it takes the students longer to begin their career in the industry.

The course costs $350 for each hour of class. If you take the whole course, it will cost you $12,600. This makes it more expensive than other courses available.

Some courses are not available every term, which can cause delays for students who want to start working sooner.

5. Kaiser Permanente School Of Allied Health Sciences

The Kaiser Permanente school of allied Health Sciences was originally a part of the Kaiser Permanente health care system. It was created in 1989. The goal was to plan and arrange teaching sessions in medical centers at different places around the country.

Even though they were not a regular university in the traditional sense, they eventually got approval to provide specific bachelor degrees and certifications. Their program to become certified in phlebotomy has two options: basic or advanced.

It is a program that is done in a classroom, meeting three days a week for eight hours each day. After that, you will need to complete a clinical requirement for the entire day from Monday to Friday, working 8 hours each day.

We appreciate that this program has everything, is shorter, includes hands-on experience, and is from a trusted school.

However, since this program takes up the entire day and is held in a classroom, it is unlikely to be suitable for individuals with busy schedules, a job, or responsibilities to take care of children.

Furthermore, there are extra program requirements such as a CPR program offered by the American Heart Association.

This requirement is not typically expected in most programs. Moreover, this program is quite costly when compared to the cheapest options available on this list.

In order to learn more, students need to complete an application to see if they meet the requirements or could be accepted.

Phlebotomy School: What Makes A Great One?

As we said in the beginning of this article, there is a higher demand for phlebotomists. This has led to the creation of certification programs by many schools and universities. Sadly, many of these programs are not good. This is not just because of the subjects they teach, but also because of how they are organized.

What makes a phlebotomy technician certification good, and why did we pick the schools we did.

Virtual Classes

Virtual classes are courses that are conducted over the internet. Instead of attending classes in person, students can participate in lessons and submit assignments online.

This allows for flexibility in terms of time and location, as students can access course materials and engage with classmates and instructors from anywhere with internet access. Virtual classes can cover various subjects and are commonly used for distance learning or as a supplement to traditional classroom education.

Virtual learning has become very popular in recent years, and it’s easy to understand why. It is difficult for many adults with families to drive to a nearby community college or move to another state.

But when you receive an education online, it supports a good balance between your work and personal life. You don’t need to completely change your life to try and make it better. That doesn’t make sense.

You don’t have to move to another state, you can keep your current job, and you’ll have lots of time for your family and hobbies. What could anyone not love about it?

Simple certification training

Of course, offering online classes is only part of the answer. The second part is to ensure that the training being provided is thorough and effectively prepares students to take the certification exam.

We have chosen schools that will thoroughly train you for important certifications, such as those provided by the National Healthcare Association (NHA) and the National Phlebotomy Certification Examination (NPCE), among others.

Self-paced learning means that you can learn at your own speed. You don’t have to follow a specific schedule or timeline. Instead, you can take your time to understand and absorb the information.

No matter how old you are, deep down you still feel like a child trying to learn basic math in school. What I’m trying to say is, we all learn things at our own speed. Some of us are faster, while others are a bit slower.

These programs allow you to take it easy and learn at your own speed

Also, self-paced learning allows you to study at the time that is most convenient for you. If that means you can only get an hour at night when the kids are asleep and the house is calm, that’s okay.

Self-paced learning means you can study whenever it’s convenient for you. You will never miss soccer games or recitals again.

Textbooks are given without any extra payment

If you haven’t seen how expensive textbooks are these days, you might be shocked to find out that they are incredibly pricey. Often, you are charged for textbooks after you have already enrolled in a program.

The schools we have chosen include the cost of textbooks in the tuition fee, so you will not have any unexpected expenses.

A fun and interesting way to learn

Of course, if you only relied on a textbook for learning, it would become very boring very quickly. These programs are taught by a real teacher who loves to share what they know about phlebotomy.

Excellent Assistance

In a traditional classroom, you can ask a question by raising your hand. The programs we chose have strong support to help you with any questions or technical problems you may have.

Practical Experience

We have chosen programs that work with healthcare institutions so you can gain practical experience.

Why Phlebotomy Training is Important

The healthcare industry is expanding quickly and significantly. A big part of the increase is because there are more older people who need more healthcare.

A phlebotomy technician is someone who has taken special training to collect blood and sometimes other samples for diagnostic testing. They also have the responsibility of handling and getting rid of dangerous equipment, as well as sometimes storing patient records.

But maybe what they’re really good at is interacting with people. Because many people are extremely scared of needles, phlebotomists are the ones who can help patients relax and feel more comfortable. Making someone’s day better and helping them when they’re not feeling well can make you feel really good.

You are also at the forefront of saving lives. If there are no people who take blood, it is not possible to make important diagnoses of sickness and disease. How valuable are you.

As a person who collects blood samples, you will never have a boring day because each day is different. If you enjoy having many different options, this is an excellent job choice for you.

It can also be a job that requires physical activity, especially if you work in a hospital or nursing home. So if you don’t enjoy sitting at a desk in a small office, this might be a good match for you.

And not only is there great job security, but it’s also a great job to start in the healthcare industry. Many phlebotomists enjoy their work so much that they do not switch jobs. But some people eventually choose to continue their education to become nurses or anesthesiologists.

In simpler words, becoming a certified phlebotomist (also known as a phlebotomy technician) can lead to a fulfilling and sought-after career with many different job opportunities.

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