8 Quick Bachelor Degrees that Pay Well

Quick Bachelor Degrees that Pay Well – Getting a college degree usually means you should get a good job and make good money.

Many people think that going to a vocational or trade school instead of college leads to getting bad, low-paying jobs. However, we should not underestimate trade schools. They offer well-paying, skilled jobs that can sometimes even pay more than jobs obtained with a college degree.

When you check the job market, you see that about one-third of people with a college education are working in jobs that don’t need a college degree.

Additionally, a lot of people who finished school still owe money. In 2021, about 44 million Americans owe more than $1.7 trillion in student loans. (Federal Reserve Bank of St.

The year 2021 (Louis, 2021). Because of this, some students want to do short degrees that have high-paying jobs so they can start working earlier and avoid getting into debt.

Fortunately, there are many options for two-year degrees and certificate programs that can help you find a job.

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Quick Bachelor Degrees that Pay Well

We used reliable information that anyone can access to find the best college programs that are both affordable and lead to well-paying jobs. Here are some to consider:

Air Traffic Controller

Middle Yearly Compensation: $95,266

Anticipated Work Development from 2020 to 2030: 4%

Evaluated Openings Per Year: 2,500

An relate degree program in discuss activity control centers on the standards of discuss transport as well as the utilize of flight control computer program.

Understudies will learn how to facilitate the development of flying machine in and out of air terminals to guarantee the security of pilots and travelers alike.

After 30 to 60 credits of coursework, understudies at that point take on internships within the field or take certification courses from the Government Flying Organization (FAA) Foundation some time recently they can formally work as discuss activity controllers.

Discuss activity controllers regularly work in airplane terminal control towers and communicate with pilots all through a flight.

They are in charge of educating pilots of adjacent airplane as well as climate dangers like accost, lightning, or updrafts. Additionally, they must too give landing and take-off informational and chart flight way changes in case required.

Web Development

Middle Yearly Compensation: $61,766

Anticipated Work Development from 2020 to 2030: 13%

Evaluated Openings Per Year: 17,900

An relate degree program in web advancement points to assist understudies get it working frameworks, arrange basics, database administration, and site plan standards. They moreover include coursework in programming dialects.

After this 60-credit program, understudies can go on to gotten to be full-stack engineers, computer frameworks examiners, or client involvement creators.

On the other hand, they may select to seek after a bachelor’s degree in web development or choose to require up a concentration to assist broaden their work openings.

Web engineers are entrusted with planning, creating, and testing websites for businesses, organizations, and people. Working with companies or independently as independent laborers, they guarantee that web site is effectively traversable, legitimately organized, and meets industry benchmarks.

They too assess codes to optimize the execution of websites. Maybe most critically, they are anticipated to create destinations in line with desires and inclinations of a client.

Software Development

Middle Yearly Compensation: $114,631

Anticipated Work Development from 2020 to 2030: 22%

Assessed Openings Per Year: 189,200

An relate degree program in computer program improvement is one of the speedy careers that pay well. It prepares understudies with information of the computer program advancement life cycle, web advancement hones, and programming dialects.

This program frequently requires understudies to total 30 common instruction credits as well as 30 to 40 credits of coursework that centers on computer program advancement.

After which, understudies may select to require up certifications to specialize in a specific perspective of the field. Due to the nature of this program, it is perhaps among the most excellent fast online degrees that pay well nowadays because it is in tall request in several businesses (U.S. Bureau of Labor Measurements, 2021).

Program engineers frequently work with companies or people to plan computer applications, analyze program for quality affirmation, settle bugs in program, or run framework support for applications.

They are anticipated to utilize different database management computer program, protest- or component-oriented improvement program, and comparable apparatuses to carry out their duties. In a few cases, they may have to be collaborate with frameworks engineers, extend directors, and other partners amid the improvement handle.


Middle Yearly Compensation: $68,684

Anticipated Work Development from 2020 to 2030: -10%

Evaluated Openings Per Year: 9,700

Computer programming is frequently advertised as a bachelor’s degree program but a few schools offer an relate degree program for this field.

Its educational modules includes foundational courses on computer science and data innovation as well as programming dialects, web plan, and comparative specialized courses.

After 60 to 90 credits, which can be completed inside 18 to 24 months, understudies can select to require up concentrations totally different regions of the field, such as data security and computer data frameworks.

Computer programmers are anticipated to apply their computer know-how and specialized ability to preserve the execution of computer programs and computer program applications. Their errands incorporate composing and testing codes, performing repairs and developments of existing applications, and recovering information.

Aside from getting to be computer software engineers, graduates with specializations may moreover gotten to be computer program designers, database chairmen, and commerce insights examiners.

Project Management

Middle Yearly Compensation: $82,823

Anticipated Work Development from 2020 to 2030: 11%

Assessed Openings Per Year: 38,900

An relate degree program in development venture administration teaches understudies on building hones, administration standards, and security conventions, as well as laws and lawful codes included within the development industry.

Understudies will too pick up information of work costing methods, offered arrangement, as well as basic and mechanical frameworks. As a two-year program, it is additionally one of the numerous quick careers that pay great.

Development venture directors are in charge of arranging, budgeting, and overseeing ventures. They must facilitate with sellers, development staff, and partners to guarantee the smooth execution of development plans.

Portion of their work moreover involves planning legally binding assentions, budget gauges, advance reports, and cost-tracking reports.

Aside from being supervisors, graduates of this program can too go on to ended up development estimators and common temporary workers, depending on the aptitudes that they sharpen.


Middle Yearly Compensation: $53,901

Anticipated Work Development from 2020 to 2030: 7%

Assessed Openings Per Year: 135,000

Relate degrees in bookkeeping are maybe among the leading simple degrees that pay well for understudies with an inclination for managing with numbers. These programs include coursework in financial matters, commerce, math, bookkeeping, organization, and tax assessment.

After the 60 to 65 credits of coursework, understudies can apply for internships to pick up hands-on experience. After which, they can select to require up an quickened bachelor’s degree program and take the Certified Open Bookkeeper (CPA) licensure exam. Understudies can moreover enlist in certificate programs or bookkeeping to strengthen their accreditations.

Bookkeepers are capable for reporting exchanges, analyzing irregularities in monetary information, performing reviews, as well as computing charges.

As an worker of a company, they may be inquired to execute budgetary estimating and offer assistance businesses get an exact thought of the status of their operations.

In the interim, as a specialist working with people, they may be anticipated to exhort on assess recording and day-to-day wage and cost following. Depending on their specialization, bookkeeping graduates can be enlisted as bookkeepers, finance clerks, accounts payable clerks, or bookkeeping colleagues.


Radiological Technology

Middle Yearly Compensation: $50,000

Anticipated Work Development from 2020 to 2030: 9%

Evaluated Openings Per Year: 20,800

An relate degree in radiologic innovation includes coursework in symptomatic concepts, radiography, clinical imaging, organic chemistry, and life structures. It moreover covers thinks about on radiation security conventions as well as therapeutic phrasings.

After completing the program, understudies must take on internships as well as take a licensure or certification exam, depending on state prerequisites, some time recently they apply for occupations within the industry.

To date, common radiologic technologists and specialists can win $61,900 every year. Be that as it may, ought to understudies choose to specialize in attractive reverberation imaging (MRI), they can make up to $74,690 per year (U.S. Bureau of Labor Insights, 2021).

Radiologic technologists are in charge of working gear such as X-ray machines, attractive reverberation imaging (MRI) scanners, computed tomography (CT) scanners, and comparative innovations to run symptomatic imaging exams on patients.

They decide the right situating of patients amid looks based on the ask of doctors, handle uncovered radiographs, and give an introductory translation of scan comes about. In a few cases, they may moreover ought to perform regulatory obligations like planning understanding arrangements or recording movies.

Aerospace Technological Engineering

Middle Yearly Compensation: $88,961

Anticipated Work Development from 2020 to 2030: 9%

Assessed Openings Per Year: 1,200

Relate degree programs in aviation designing innovation are centered on discuss and shuttle upkeep and fabricating. By diving into themes such as computer-aided plan (CAD), welding, and hardware gathering, these programs grant understudies an diagram of how to amass, repair, as well as keep up these vehicles.

Upon completing the two-year program, understudies can select to require certifications to encourage make strides work prospects. These incorporate the Certified Aviation Specialist certification and the OSHA Security Certificate.

Aviation building professionals are experts who work and keep up hardware utilized in shuttle and air ship advancement, testing, and generation.

Regularly working closely with engineers, they mimic operational conditions, calibrate rebellious, and perform pre- and post-operational tests to guarantee the security of each piece of gear. They are moreover anticipated to screen forms and archive imperative data approximately the vehicles that they work on.

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