8 Skills You Need Before Relocating To Canada From Nigeria

Skills You Need Before Relocating To Canada – If you want to move to Canada from Nigeria in 2024 or later, it’s important to learn the right skills to help you adjust and succeed.

This article has useful tips for understanding the Canadian job market, managing time, and adapting to different cultures.

Exploring popular skills like programming, digital marketing, administrative work, graphic design, driving, cooking, budgeting, and project management, helps you find a job and improve your chances of becoming a permanent resident.

If you are coming to Canada as a student or a worker from Nigeria in 2023 and beyond, learning new skills can make your time here better and improve your chances for success. Here are a few quick tips to consider.

  • First, getting better at speaking English or French is important for good communication and fitting into a new place.
  • Being able to adjust and understand different cultures will help you in a diverse place and make new friends.
  • It’s important to learn how to manage your time well and stay organized so you can keep up with school work and still have time for other things you enjoy.
  • It’s really important to learn how to use technology because it’s so important for education and everyday life.
  • Knowing how things work in Canadian workplaces, making connections, and creating a good resume can help you stand out when looking for a job.
  • Knowing how to manage money, such as making a budget and tracking spending, is very important for dealing with the cost of living.
  • Understanding how the Canadian healthcare system works and getting help when needed will help you stay healthy.
  • Finally, keeping up with the latest developments in your field will help you be ready for a tough job market.

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Skills You Need Before Relocating To Canada


In Canada, many companies are looking to hire software developers and programmers because they are in high demand. So, if you are good at programming, you can get a job quickly when you move to the country.

An entry-level computer programmer makes about $80,802 a year in Canada. The most popular programming languages in the country are C++, Python, CSS3, R, and SQL.

Nowadays, you can learn how to program online, which was not possible in the past. So, you can improve your programming skills and get more hands-on experience by taking courses like Coursera.

Digital Marketing

If you want to find a job in Canada, I can help you. In that situation, you need to improve your digital marketing skills even more.

Make sure you register for classes online from well-known schools in other countries instead of from local ones.

Canadian companies might not consider a certification from your home country’s institutes to be very important. So, it’s important to take online courses from well-known colleges because their certificates are respected.

Knowing a lot about marketing and selling digital products can help you get a job as a social media manager or digital marketer. Also, it is a useful skill that can help you earn money by working on your own.

Administrative Assistant

More and more companies are letting their workers do their jobs from home in almost every industry. This means you can find Admin Support jobs in any part of Canada.

However, there are some areas that really need people with these skills and they have made lists of the specific jobs that are needed. This means that if you choose a specific province for your Canadian immigration, you have a better chance of getting permanent residency in Canada. However, we need to talk about this topic in more detail at a later time.

You need to know how to use digital tools for working with others, be a good communicator, and have some knowledge of using databases and admin tools.

Graphics Design 

Even if you’re not a professional designer, knowing some simple graphic design can still be useful. It will help you make better presentations at work and start a small business on the side.

Graphic designers are needed a lot in Canada, and you can use this need to get a lot of jobs from customers. Now you can find lots of graphic design classes on Coursera. You can also use YouTube to watch new beginner tutorials.


Before you go to Canada, it’s really important to learn how to drive. This action will help you get your driver’s license for driving in other countries from your own country.

Also, it will give you access to many different job opportunities in Canada. Being good at driving can help you get driving jobs at companies. This skill can be useful while you are visiting the country.

If you have enough money, you can buy a car and drive for a rideshare company like Uber. But, if you want to make as much money as possible, you need to really get to know your city by spending time exploring it.

You should also know how to use a road map, fix a flat tire, and know some basic car repairs.


Imagine if you don’t know how most of the local dishes are made. In this situation, it’s best to learn them before you go to Canada. Cooking at home will help you save money because purchasing ready-made food can be costly over time.

Cooking not only has personal benefits, but it also opens up more job opportunities for you.

When you arrive in Canada, it will be easier to get a job in a restaurant from another country if you can cook your hometown’s food. You can teach cooking and charge people based on how much you know.

You can use Booking Live to schedule and manage your course bookings automatically. In this way, people can look at the classes you offer, see when they are and pay for them.


Planning your finances is a really important skill to have before you move to Canada. It’s a good idea to learn how to make a budget, improve your credit scores, apply for a credit card or loan, and invest your money.

Most importantly, you need to know how taxes work. Taxes can be hard to understand because schools don’t usually teach about them.

Online finance classes will help you learn about finance and how to get better at planning your money. Certainly, you can hire someone to help with your taxes, like an accountant.

Project Management

More people are working from home in Canada, and there is a big need for people who are good at managing projects.

Almost every industry, like healthcare and construction, needs good project management skills.

We need good project managers to lead remote teams and make sure projects are taken care of from beginning to end.

Project Managers need to be good at managing projects online and handling risks. They need to be able to understand and explain important information from numbers.


Having experience and skills in a job that Canada needs will help you get a job and permanent residency in Canada. Having the necessary skills will help you get a job in Canada.

However, having the right amount of experience can help you get a Canada Visa to live and work there permanently.

As you gain more experience, your CRS points in the Express Entry system will go up. It’s important to remember that Express Entry uses a points system to rank candidates. Factors like education, age, work experience, language skills, and experience in their field are considered when assigning points.

So, it can be the deciding factor in getting an invitation to apply for a Canadian PR Visa or staying in the pool of candidates in Express Entry.

So now you can understand which skills and jobs are needed in Canada, and having the right experience can help you get more points for Canadian permanent residency. Now you can learn about job and immigration options in Canada.

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