Top 7 Adult Education Universities

If you are passionate about education, you know how important it is to keep learning. An adult education degree is the perfect way to make sure you can help make it happen. Because the cost of higher education continues to rise, more people will attend school later.

In addition, technology drives innovation in almost all areas of the professional world, which is constantly evolving. This creates a growing need for education to maintain a competitive edge in the job market. Many things can cause someone to go to school for the first time or return to school as an adult, and with an adult education degree you can help students of all ages get the education they deserve. enjoy.

The most popular adult education degrees are at the master’s level, so that’s what we chose to focus on in this ranking. The Master of Adult Education is a good choice because these programs are more popular, so there are different options whether you want to earn a Master of Science, Master of Arts or Master of Education. In general, graduate degrees are also more customizable.

A bachelor’s degree will introduce you to the key concepts of adult education, but a master’s degree program will be one where you can really dive into specific areas and sharpen your expertise with a concentration or electives.

The highest paying jobs in adult education often require a master’s degree as well. Adult education degrees cover a variety of topics, such as how to design adult curricula, adult learning psychology, organizational leadership, instructional technology, and more.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that employment in this particular sector will grow at a rate of 7% from 2014 to 2024. This number is roughly the same as the national average. The average salary in this field is $53,630 per year, also according to the BLS.

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We guarantee that the school is based in the United States. We ensure that the school has been properly accredited. We ensure that the school operates on a non-profit model.

After gathering a list of all the schools that met the above criteria and offered at least an online master’s degree in adult education, we scored them in three areas;

Freshman retention rate shows how many students return after freshman year which is at 34%

44% Graduation rate shows how many students graduated within the time allowed to graduate.

33.3 Affordability is calculated based on the average amount a student has to pay after receiving financial aid.

The 33.3 hp zone can have a maximum value of 100 points and these numbers are added together to get the final score. Schools are presented in ascending order according to the final score they obtained. Freshman retention and graduation rates were collected from the National Center for Education Statistics and cost information was collected from Niche.

Top 7 Adult Education Universities

1. North Carolina State University at Raleigh

NC State offers the majority of degree programs online, with over 100 options and a variety of teaching formats, including adult education degrees, of course. The online courses at this university are offered through the school’s online course management website, called WolfWare, and they are mostly asynchronous.

Synchronous courses are also offered, but are usually part of NCSU combined programs. Students are usually not required to attend school, even for supervised exams. Instead, you can take them to an approved location that’s more convenient for you.

Online courses are taught by the same professors as their traditional counterparts, and distance learning students still have access to a variety of student support services.

Master of Education in Professional Education and Continuing Adult Education

The Master of Education in Adult Education and Community College Teaching offered at North Carolina State University offers a total of three majors, namely adult and continuing career education, college teaching, and more. community education and medical vocational training.

This is a program that accepts students from any undergraduate background as long as they already have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. You can apply year-round and students are officially enrolled three times a year in the summer and fall.

The bare minimum of 36 credits are needed. There are only six required courses to guide you in adult education, teaching strategies, vocational training and other essential concepts.

While you can specify your specialization, you still have the option of choosing courses in that area of study, making it a highly personalized choice. A research project will need to be accomplished at the end.

2. Indiana University Bloomington

The institution offers an estimated 125 online programs through IU Online. Its online programs offer competitive tuition, exceptional flexibility, and a wealth of student resources to help you succeed as a Hoosier, wherever you are. IU Teachers College is the best teaching school in the state of Indiana, according to US News & World Report.

The publication also ranks the school among the top 20 public instructional schools in the nation and among the top 30 overall. It also ranks in the top 20 in seven specific academic areas.

Online Diploma of Adult Education online courses are taught by world-class instructors and delivered in a convenient asynchronous format.

Master’s of Science in Education in Adult Education

IU Bloomington is a highly regarded university, so it’s easy to see how the Master of Science in Adult Education degree on offer is one of the best adult education degrees in the country.

This exceptional degree offers a student-centered curriculum, perfect for those wishing to pursue a career in corporate training, vocational training or adult education. 36 credits are required to complete the program and are described as up to 99% completed online. This 1% comes in the form of a three-day boarding course, D521 Engagement Training.

It is a comprehensive program that covers adult education theory, adult lifelong learning, adult education planning and development, middle to high school education system, distance, and more.

The program is designed to provide you with professional, industry-relevant skills that will set you up for success. One thing that some students may not like about this option is that most courses are predefined. You will be able to choose two elective courses, but the remaining requirements have already been determined.

3. Rutgers University

Rutgers University offers a handful of high-quality distance learning degrees. An online degree in adult education offered by the School of Graduate Education. It is consistently ranked among the best graduate schools in the nation by a wide range of publications large and small.

It has also received awards and recognition from the State of New Jersey and other organizations throughout its long history.

The majority of online programs available at Rutgers are offered in hybrid delivery and entirely online. Students who wish to join some of the more traditional components are free to do so, but you can still graduate on your own terms, wherever you are.

Master’s in Adult and Continuing Education

The Rutgers Online Master in Adult and Continuing Education is a great program of study for anyone looking to delve deeper into the adult learner’s mind and discover how to effectively serve it. Most effective, whether in corporate, educational, healthcare or community settings.

This is a 30-credit program that offers flat tuition to online students regardless of residency. Currently, due to the way the courses are offered, it is not possible to pursue this degree full-time. The required courses represent the 21 required credits.

You’ll take courses like adult learning and teaching in a global context, creating and maintaining a learning organization, organizational leadership and change management, and more.

The rest of the program will be optional. There are optional areas of specialization in ESL and Adult Literacy, Educational Technology, Higher Education, and Human Resource Development.What sets this adult education degree apart is that it offers specialization options tailored to the professional environment in which you wish to develop.

4. Michigan State University

Michigan State University has been ranked among the top 100 universities in the world by Times Higher Education and US News & World Report for the past few years. It is also recognized as one of the best in the country by more than ten publications and organizations in a variety of fields.

MSU’s commitment to providing cross-state learning opportunities certainly plays an important role in the school’s reputation. An online degree in adult education is just one of hundreds of high-quality degree programs available.

The degree is offered in hybrid form and completely online. Most courses allow you to log in at any time and stick to your schedule, but you still have access to the same dedicated teachers as traditional students.

Master’s in Higher, Adult and Lifelong Education

This adult online degree program is offered 100% online and has been recognized at number five in the US in US News & World ranking of the best online master’s degrees in education. Report.

Another important feature that sets this program apart is that it offers rotating enrollment. You can choose to enroll full-time or part-time, where you will graduate in two or three years, respectively. This is a 30-credit program consisting of 10 courses.

The program is highly customizable and is especially suitable for those who want to work in post-secondary education at a college, public agency or even in the private sector. This may not be suitable for those looking to work in adult education outside of academia.

There are two required courses, Understanding Post-Secondary Education and the College and Adult Education Seminar. You will choose three courses out of eight that will complete the core of the program.

Courses are offered in teaching, management, budgeting, program evaluation, and more. Half of the required credits will come from elective courses of your choice.

Three topics must be part of the program, and two are completely free, allowing you to work with an advisor to determine which will benefit you the most. This degree culminates in a final project that can be submitted online.

5. Pennsylvania State University

The online degree in adult education along with nearly 200 other degrees is offered at Pennsylvania State University through the so-called Penn State World Campus. Penn State views its online education initiative as its own campus, offering students a unique learning experience.

This university pioneered distance learning by offering correspondence courses as early as 1892. The Penn State World Campus was one of the first to open and has been in operation for over 20 years. .

All online courses are presented through Canvas, but they are academically equivalent to traditional courses and are taught by the same professors who have more than just distance education experience. but also experts in their respective fields.

PSU’s online students have access to academic advisors, career advisors, research library, technical support, and more. All online programs are designed to appeal to working adults and provide career-focused training based on the latest industry trends.

Master’s in Lifelong Learning and Adult Education

This 100% online adult education degree is a Master’s degree in Lifelong Learning and Adult Education. You can choose from a general direction or choose to focus on basic education and adult literacy or global distance and online education.

Whether you want to work in curriculum development, instructional design, program planning, assessment, or even become a teacher, this degree program offers flexible options for you to maximize your education and become a more effective professional. It’s also flexible in other ways; courses are asynchronous while remaining collaborative and rigorous.

Unlike many other adult education programs, this program generously accepts up to ten transfer credits. There are four core courses for all streams covering the foundation of adult education, adult education, and more.

If you choose the general route, the other courses you will take are all elective courses that you can choose from. Each concentration level has an additional 12 credits of core requirements and then six elective credits that you can choose from a more limited list relevant to your area of specialization.

You can choose to study part-time or full-time; Students who learn at a more active pace by taking 12 or more credits per semester will have the option of paying a flat rate for the entire program instead of tuition per credit.

6. Auburn University

Auburn University Teachers College offers more online graduate programs than any other academic department at the university. From early childhood education to adult education, including several intermediate majors.

The College of Education is fully accredited by the National Accreditation Council for Teacher Education and has received high praise from a number of publications ranking degrees on campus and online. The online degree is offered in partnership with Auburn Online.

Online students are eligible for scholarships, financial aid, and more. All online courses are offered asynchronously and all required internships and internships can be done anywhere you live if approved.

Master of Education in Adult Education

Auburn University’s Master of Adult Education program is an exceptional opportunity for those who wish to pursue a highly personalized adult education program.

You are not required to have a college degree in education as long as you have completed your bachelor’s degree and you can enter the program in the spring, summer or fall. 30 credits will be needed to accomplish this. Six of these credits will come from an internship and a practical course. From there, you can choose the remaining courses you’ll be taking from a list of over 30 different courses.

There are countless different subjects you can explore, allowing you to build the academic foundation you need to climb the career ladder. Examples include learning styles in adult education, workforce training, teaching methods, curriculum planning, learning resources, and more.

7. University of Tennessee at Knoxville

The University of Tennessee at Knoxville has continuously expanded its online learning opportunities as it strives to become one of the top universities in America. The university offers a wide range of courses and programs; some of them are synchronous and some are asynchronous.

Online students have the advantage of paying less fees and still be eligible for scholarships and financial aid. All online courses at UTK are identical to those that take place on campus, but are more accessible through platforms like Canvas, Zoom, and more.

The online teaching degree is offered by the university’s College of Education, Health, and Humanities.

Master of Science in Educational Psychology

The University of Tennessee at Knoxville is honored to be the only Master of Science in Educational Psychology program to feature in the ranking of the best online degrees in adult education.

There are two concentrations, which are Adult Education and Applied Educational Psychology. We have chosen to focus on Adult Education.

This degree requires a total of 36 credits and will not require a dissertation. The program provides insights into adult learning to help you understand how adults learn, what drives learning, how to design effective programs, and more.

This is a fun and intensive adult education degree that you can earn entirely online. However, the twelve courses you will have to take are predefined.

There are no elective courses and you must take the courses in the order and pace set by the university. If you do not meet the schedule, the university will not accept you into the program.

All classes are held synchronously in the evening. While some students may lack the flexibility offered by other study options, this carefully crafted study plan is designed for working adults and should be able to accommodate many schedules. working program.

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