What is Emmanuel College known For?

Here, you will discover the answer to what is Emmanuel College known for. The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur founded Emmanuel, a private, coeducational liberal arts college, and it has a long history. In order to give women who were being denied them educational opportunities, the college was founded as a women’s college in 1919.

Committed to its goal, it quickly outgrew its space and added more classrooms and building space to its campus. It switched to being a coeducational institute in 2001.

As the first college in the area when it opened, the college has since made a commitment to using knowledgeable professors and pertinent liberal arts education to promote good change in its students’ and communities’ intellectual, scientific, economic, and social lives. Boston, Massachusetts serves as its headquarters.

Emmanuel College aims to link its students with one another through a variety of activities because it has strong Catholic beliefs and is committed to fostering a strong feeling of community among its students. There are more than 100 student-led clubs, groups, and organizations on campus for students to join.

Activities also encompass Leadership Development Programs, which are focused at enhancing leadership abilities and their implementation in the real world.

Volunteering options are available as students participate in service learning courses and try to improve their communities by tackling social justice issues, which helps to better integrate them into the campus community.

Activities that promote multiculturalism are also given prominence since they are thought to be essential for fostering greater understanding and training future leaders around the world.

Campus ministry offers both domestic and foreign mission projects as well as opportunities for reflection. Some collegiate events are regarded as traditions, like the annual Christmas Tree Lighting on the Quad, the Clambake in the spring, International Hospitality Night, etc.

College students can be found competing in sports as well; these teams are known as the “Saints” and play in the NCAA Division III. The school’s mascot is a gold and blue lion.

The college’s academic offerings include more than 50 majors, minors, and concentrations, as well as graduate programs like three Master’s programs. Its notable facilities include Cardinal Cushing Library, Jean Yawkey Center, Maureen Murphy Wilkens Science Center, St. James Hall, Julie Hall, St. Ann Hall, Loretto Hall, St. Joseph Hall, and more.

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Acceptance Rate

Emmanuel College has an acceptance rate of approximately 72%, which means that nearly three-quarters of all applicants are accepted each year. While this may seem like a high rate, it’s important to note that Emmanuel College is a highly selective institution that attracts a large pool of highly qualified applicants.

Graduation and Retention Rate

Emmanuel College has a four-year graduation rate of 65%, which is higher than the national average for four-year institutions. Additionally, the college boasts an 87% retention rate, which means that the majority of students who start at Emmanuel College continue on to complete their degree.

Tuition Fee: What is Emmanuel College known for?

The tuition fee at Emmanuel College is $30,320 for the 2022-2023 academic year. While this may seem like a steep price tag, it’s important to note that Emmanuel College is committed to providing generous financial aid packages to help make college more affordable for students.

Student Loans

According to data from the Department of Education, the average student loan debt for Emmanuel College graduates is $27,000. While this is higher than the national average, it’s worth noting that Emmanuel College is committed to helping students manage their debt and has a robust financial aid program to help students pay for college.

Average Salary of Emmanuel College Graduates

Emmanuel College graduates have an average starting salary of $52,600, according to data from PayScale. This is significantly higher than the national average starting salary for college graduates, which is currently around $46,000.


Emmanuel College is located in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts, which is one of the most vibrant and dynamic cities in the United States. Boston is known for its rich history, cultural offerings, and world-class academic institutions. Emmanuel College is situated on a beautiful 17-acre campus in the Longwood Medical and Academic Area, which is home to some of the top medical and research institutions in the country.


Emmanuel College is known for its commitment to academic excellence and social justice, as well as its beautiful campus and vibrant location in the heart of Boston. With a high graduation rate, strong financial aid program, and excellent job placement for graduates, Emmanuel College is a top-tier institution of higher education that prepares students for success in a rapidly changing world.

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