Why Don’t I Have Facebook Marketplace?

Why Don’t I Have Facebook Marketplace – If you found this post, it means you have questions in your heart that you want answers to, correct.

Don’t worry, today I will give answers to those questions.

Facebook has created a new feature called “the Facebook Marketplace” where people can buy and sell things. This is to make the platform more useful, not just for connecting with friends.

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Facebook Marketplace is a feature on Facebook that is similar to eBay and Amazon. It lets 800 million users every month buy, sell, and trade things and services with other people near them.

In the marketplace, people from different places can do business together. Sellers can show their products and potential buyers can contact sellers to make a purchase in the end.

To sell things in the Marketplace, your products have to follow the marketplace’s rules. Here are some signs that will prevent items from being sold in the marketplace:

  • Summary: You can only sell things that are tangible items or physical goods. For instance, you are not allowed to post things like looking for something, updates, funny things, or notices about lost and found items.
  • Pictures and descriptions that don’t match: The photos of the item being sold must match the description and title of the item.
  • Healthcare items like thermometers and first aid kits are not allowed.
  • You can only sell services (like cleaning houses) or tickets to events on Marketplace if Facebook gives you permission in writing. Find out more about the rules and guidelines we have for our services and event tickets.

Before and after pictures are not allowed for products being sold on Facebook. This means you cannot post a photo that shows a comparison, such as showing the difference in skin tone.

You cannot sell or advertise animals for adoption on Marketplace or buy and sell groups.

Moreover, you can go to Facebook Marketplace by either directly visiting the website or by using the Facebook mobile app. If you can’t find the Facebook

Marketplace icon when you try to open the Facebook website or app, there are a few reasons why that might be happening.

Why Don’t I Have Facebook Marketplace?

Here’s why you don’t have the Facebook Marketplace.

  • If you’re not yet 18 years old, you can’t use Facebook Marketplace.
  • Facebook Marketplace is not available in your area. It is only accessible in 50 countries, such as the United States, Canada, and Australia. If you put your home address on your Facebook profile and it is in a country that Facebook doesn’t support, you won’t see the Facebook Marketplace icon.
  • The Facebook Marketplace may not be available if you are in a country that Facebook doesn’t support.
  • The iPod touch isn’t compatible. Facebook Marketplace is available on the iPhone and iPad iOS apps. But, it will not appear when using an iPod touch.
  • If you just made a new Facebook account, you probably won’t see Facebook Marketplace because it’s not available for new users. This is probably done to stop people who send lots of unwanted messages from making new accounts and selling things that are not real right after their old accounts are banned from the website
  • A menu that changes or updates regularly. The main menu on Facebook apps can change and show shortcuts to the features you use the most. If you don’t use Facebook Marketplace for a while, the small picture that represents it may go away or be changed to represent something else like groups, videos, or another Facebook feature.

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