How To Get Into Albion College, Michigan

The Michigan Territorial Legislature awarded a charter for a seminary in 1835, which marked the beginning of the college’s history, which is based in Albion, Michigan. Early settlers in Michigan Jesse Crowell donated the property for the seminary.

The seminary didn’t open to students until 1843, and in 1861, it merged with another institution to become Albion College, a four-year institution that grants degrees. Co-education was one of the first programs to be offered at that time’s institutions.

Even now, the college is still associated with the United Methodist Church. Albion adopted a sustainability strategy in 2006 and made attempts to implement a more effective and cost-effective energy system, while yet maintaining its modern outlook and respecting its traditions.

The campus’s Nancy G. Held Equestrian Center, the only world-class equestrian facility in Michigan, is one of its outstanding assets. Additionally, there is The Whitehouse Nature Center, which bears Dr. William W. Whitehouse’s name (President at Albion).

Although it is accessible to the general public, an outdoor classroom aims to advance education about wildlife, agriculture, and the natural world. The college offers a range of sports, and its teams compete in the NCAA Division III and the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association (MIAA). The school’s colors are purple and gold, and its mascot is “Brit the Briton.”

There are 23 academic divisions at Albion, and they provide more than 30 different majors and more than 20 different minors. Pre-professional programs, certifications, and concentrations are additionally offered. Along with the option to study in various American cities, the college also provides study-abroad options.

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Acceptance Rate

With a 74% acceptance rate, Albion College might be considered fairly selective.

Typical test scores

The SAT scores of about 75% of Albion’s accepted students were submitted. The range of SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing scores, from the 25th to the 75th percentile, was between 460 and 590. Scores in math ranged from 470 to 570.

13% of approved students submitted their ACT results to Albion. The range of ACT Composite scores for the 25th to the 75th percentile was between 19 and 27.

Faculty-to-Student Ratio

This metric’s national average is 15 to 1, but Albion’s is substantially better at 12 to 1.

The proportion of Full-Time Faculty

75% of Albion College’s faculty members work full-time. The national average is 47%, therefore this is greater.

Rate of Freshmen Retention

The retention rate for new students at Albion College is 73%. It’s encouraging that full-time students want to continue attending the institution and working with their instructors for another academic year. Additionally, it shows that the admissions committee did an excellent job of selecting candidates who were a better fit for the institution.

Rate of Graduation

The first-time, full-time enrollment rate at Albion is 53%, which is higher than the 33.3% national average.

What Is the Price of Albion College?

Albion’s overall average net cost is $16,862.

Loans to students

College students frequently take out loans to pay for their education. In actuality, loans are used by roughly 66% of students nationwide. At Albion, over 67% of students borrowed student loans, which have an average annual balance of $6,991. Over the course of four years, that comes to $27,964 for those pupils.

At Albion, the default rate on student loans is 5.7%. This is a positive indication that you will be able to repay your student loans because it is much lower than the 10.1% national default rate.

How Much Money Do Graduates From Albion Make?

Although some majors pay more than others, on average Albion bachelor’s degree recipients earn $54,792 a year in their first few years of employment following graduation.

This is wonderful news for future Albion graduates since it is 29% more than the typical college graduate’s pay of $42,485 per year.

Albion Offers Online Education

At least one online course was taken by 875 students at Albion College in 2019–2020.

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