Alma College, Michigan

The purpose of Alma College’s establishment by the Michigan Presbyterian Synod in 1886 was to advance education in the area. Ammi Wright, a prominent figure in his time and area’s public life, gave the college the money and the property.

The goal of the college was to develop into a liberal arts college with a contemporary curriculum and traditions based on Judeo-Christian principles. It is located in Alma, Michigan, and is a private institution.

Alma, a residential institution, seeks to train its students for professional careers while also helping them build Christian-based community values. Although it is not affiliated, it collaborates closely with the Presbyterian Church and accepts students of all faiths. This is the model the college wants its leaders to follow.

Alma’s Scottish heritage and many of its customs with roots in Scottish culture are intriguing features. During college ceremonies, a pipe band and kiltie dancers provide entertainment. The college also has a distinctive tartan that was registered by the college administration in 1999 and is a key component of the college’s identity.

The college has a vibrant culture that includes art. Different artistic disciplines are not only provided as academic majors, but they also predominate in student activities. With 11 varsity sports available for both men and women, the college’s athletic program is also taken very seriously.

The teams compete in the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association and NCAA Division III (MIAA). The college’s mascot is named “Scotty,” and its colors are maroon and cream.

Only undergraduate degrees are offered by Alma. The college awards five undergraduate degrees and offers more than 50 options for majors, minors, and pre-professional programs. Students also have the option of creating their own majors.

The college also offers chances for undergraduate research. The Wright Hall, named for its first sponsor, Ammi Wright, is one of the college’s most esteemed universities.

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Acceptance Rate

With a 67% admission rate, Alma College is serious about the students it accepts.

Student-Faculty Ratio

At Alma College, there are roughly 13 students for every faculty member. The ratio is 15 to 1 on a nationwide scale.

The proportion of Full-Time Faculty

At Alma College, 64% of the professors work full-time. Compared to the national average, which is 47%, this is greater.

Retention of Freshmen

Alma College has an 83% retention rate for new students.

Rate of Graduation

Alma has a rate of 51% for first-time, full-time students, which is higher than the 33.3% national average.

What Is the Price of Alma College?

Alma is available for an average net cost of $23,200. Since net price varies by income level, the affordability of the school is mostly based on your financial needs.

Debt from Student Loans

At Alma, around 73% of students borrowed student loans, which cost an average of $10,033 annually. For those students, that comes to a total of $40,132 over four years.

At Alma, the default rate on student loans is 3.4%. This indicates that you will be able to repay your student loans because it is far lower than the 10.1% national default rate.

How much money do graduates of Alma make?

While some majors pay more than others, on average Alma bachelor’s degree holders make roughly $49,625 per year in their first few years of employment following graduation. Since it is 17% higher than the typical college graduate’s pay of $42,485 per year, this is wonderful news for upcoming Alma graduates.

Learning Online at Alma

At least one online course was taken by 795 students at Alma College in 2019–2020.

Learn more from this video made by Alma College below.


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