What is the Origin of Andrews University Michigan?

Beginning as Battle Creek College in 1874, Andrews University Michigan was the Seventh-day Adventists’ first attempt at a higher education institution. Establishing a higher education meant spreading Christian ideals and objectives as well as Christ’s mission of enlightenment and service.

The institution had difficulties while it was young, but with perseverance, it was able to develop and was eventually moved to Berrien Springs, Michigan, where it is still based today. More mergers with other institutions led to the creation of the Andrews University Michigan of today.

The institution continues to be a location where innovation and traditions coexist thanks to its association with the Seventh-day Adventist Church. With knowledge founded in historic Christian ideals, it equips its pupils for the difficult contemporary world concerns.

The administration and professors at Andrews University are committed to delivering a holistic approach to development and have established a student life that emphasizes the development of the body, mind, and spirit. The university has its own athletic teams and offers intramural sports. Its teams compete in the USCAA, and its mascot is the cardinal.

In order to raise “anti-bullying and anti-drug” consciousness, there is also a gymnastics team called “Gymnics” that does flying, wall walking, aerial silk, and other feats. Additionally, there are ministries on campus where students can pray and seek guidance while brainstorming ways to help their communities. One such platform where academics and students collaborate to inject innovation into the spiritual journey is called “One Place.” Blue and Gold are the school’s colors.

Both types of education are offered at Andrews. There are 70 graduate programs and 130 undergraduate programs available. Through its extension campuses or connections, study abroad opportunities are also accessible in 19 nations on 5 continents.

Additionally, there are alternatives for distance learning that cater to both domestic and foreign students. The James White Memorial Library and J. N. Andrews Honors program are two of its prominent buildings and programs.

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Acceptance Rate

Given that Andrews University has a 49% acceptance rate, it is clear that the institution takes admissions seriously.

Test Scores on Average

The SAT scores of about 54% of applicants to Andrews University were submitted. The range of SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing scores fell between 520 and 680 when looking at the 25th through the 75th percentile. The range of math scores was 510 to 700.

Of the selected applicants, 54% submitted their ACT scores to Andrews. The ACT Composite scores varied from 21 to 28 when looking at the 25th to the 75th percentile.

The ratio of students to faculty

The student-to-instructor ratio at Andrews is a stellar 10 to 1.

The proportion of Full-Time Faculty

At Andrews University Michigan, there are 100% full-time faculty members. The national average is 47%, and thus it is better.

Rate of Retention for Freshmen

85% of first-year, full-time students continue their education at Andrews University Michigan, which indicates that most of them find the school to be worthwhile. The national average is 68%, so this is a good deal higher. Adding that to the school’s positives list is unquestionably a smart idea.

Ratio of Graduates

In comparison to the national rate of 33.3%, the percentage at Andrews is 37%, which is around average.

How much is the Tuition at Andrews University Michigan?

The average net cost for all Andrews is $23,408. Since net pricing differs by income level, the school’s affordability is mostly dependent on your financial requirements.

Student Loan Debt

An average of $11,043 in student loans were obtained by 60% of Andrews University students. For those students, that comes to $44,172 over the course of four years.

At Andrews University Michigan, there are 3.5% of student loan defaults. This indicates that you will be able to repay your student loans because it is far lower than the 10.1% national default rate.

What Kind of Income Can Andrews Graduates Expect?

While some majors pay more than others, on average Andrews bachelor’s degree holders make $51,909 per year in their first few years of employment following graduation. This is wonderful news for upcoming Andrews graduates because it is 22% higher than the $42,485 annual pay of the typical college graduate.

At Andrews, You Can Study Online

At least one online course at Andrews University Michigan was taken by 893 students in the 2019–2020 academic year. Comparatively fewer people are taking online classes now than there were in the prior year (918 people).

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