Find Out What Assumption College Worcester Ranking and Fees Hold

The Augustinians of the Assumption founded the private liberal arts college, called Assumption College in 1904; it has a strong Roman Catholic foundation. However, it is thought that it was the realization of Father Emmanuel d’Alzon’s (the Assumptionist Order’s founder) vision. In its early years, the college was exclusively for men, and the majority of the courses were taught in French. It changed to becoming coeducational in 1969. In Worcester, Massachusetts, it is headquartered.

The institution focuses its time and resources to helping its students develop the virtues of commitment, the pursuit of truth, and serving others through charity and compassion, upholding the Christian beliefs of its founder. The college is proud of its French Canadian heritage and maintains a research institute dedicated to the study and preservation of French language and culture that was founded in 1979.

Assumption College has an extremely diversified campus community. There are a variety of student organizations, including political organizations, cultural societies, and special interest and religious organizations. The college built its Cross Cultural Center in 2002 to promote a healthy variety and multicultural peace. It offers performances, seminars, and workshops with the goal of introducing fresh perspectives and ideas through racial and cultural diversity.

In order to better engage its students, the college has worked with organizations like the Rainbow Childhood Development Center, Elm Park Community School, Community Harvest Project, and others. Additionally, there is a Campus Ministry that concentrates on worship and service to its students. With 23 collegiate sports and athletic participation at the NCAA Division II level, there are recreational opportunities. The university’s mascot is Pierre the Greyhound, and its colors are blue and white.

There are undergraduate, graduate, and a few pre-professional programs offered at Assumption. There are 16 departments, offering seven top graduate programs, 39 majors, 46 minors, and 46 minors. The college’s Emmanuel d’Alzon Library, Worcester Institute for Senior Education (WISE), and Aaron T. Beck Institute for Cognitive Studies are among its renowned facilities.

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Acceptance Rate

Assumption College has a competitive acceptance rate, with the acceptance rate into the college at 86%. The admissions committee takes a holistic approach when reviewing applications, considering not just academic performance, but also extracurricular activities, leadership, and character. In order to be admitted to Assumption College, students must demonstrate that they have the potential to succeed in a challenging academic environment.

Graduation and Retention Rate

Assumption College has a strong commitment to student success, and this is reflected in its high graduation which is at 75% and retention rates. The college offers a variety of academic support services, such as tutoring and mentoring, to help students succeed. Additionally, the close-knit community at Assumption College helps to create a supportive environment in which students can thrive.

Tuition Fee

Assumption College’s tuition fee is in line with other private colleges in the region. Despite the cost, the college offers a number of financial aid options, including scholarships, grants, and student loans, to help make education more accessible to students. After the aid, the average cost is $30k. Additionally, the college offers work-study programs, which allow students to earn money while they study, helping to offset the cost of tuition.

Student Loans

Assumption College offers a number of student loan options to help cover the cost of tuition. Federal loans, such as the Direct Loan Program and the Perkins Loan Program, are available to eligible students. Additionally, private loans are also an option, but students should be mindful of the interest rates and repayment terms associated with these types of loans.

Average Salary of Graduates

The college graduates are well-prepared for successful careers, with a strong foundation in the liberal arts and a range of practical skills. According to data from PayScale, the average salary of Assumption College graduates is competitive with that of graduates from other private colleges in the region. Graduates from Assumption College go on to pursue careers in a variety of fields, including business, education, and healthcare.


Assumption College is located in Worcester, Massachusetts, a vibrant and bustling city that is home to a thriving arts and cultural scene. The city is located in central Massachusetts and is easily accessible by car or public transportation. Worcester is also home to a number of universities and colleges, including Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Clark University, and the University of Massachusetts Medical School, making it a hub for higher education in the region.


Assumption College is a great choice for students looking for a private, Catholic liberal arts college in the Northeast. With a competitive acceptance rate, high graduation and retention rates, and a supportive community, Assumption College provides a solid foundation for academic success and personal growth. And, with its location in Worcester, Massachusetts, students have access to a rich cultural and academic environment, making it an ideal place to pursue a higher education.

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