Auburn University at Montgomery

Alabama has a severe scarcity of people with in-depth knowledge of businesses and associated sectors at the time Auburn University at Montgomery started its mission. The Montgomery Chamber of Commerce requested a professional education institute due to the growing number of firms in the area.

Alabama accepted the request in 1967 and established the institute; nevertheless, classes at the facility didn’t start until 1969. Its headquarters are still in Montgomery, Alabama.

Following a demand for education, Auburn University at Montgomery was founded and is still in operation today.

Since it accepts students from all over the world, it offers programs that are in demand, including those that are not available anywhere else in the area, such Homeland Security, Cybersystems, and Geographic Information Systems. It also offers degrees that are globally relevant.

Due to the numerous student events and opportunities offered both on and off campus, life at AUM is enjoyable and distinctive. Warhawk W.O.W., which begins courses and lasts the entire week, promotes getting to know one another and cross-cultural exchange on campus. Free food, workshops, and entertainment are available every day of the week.

There is Shriek Week, which is the Halloween celebration, and Spring Week, which marks the arrival of spring with games and entertainment.

On campus, there are 60 student clubs and organizations, including Special Interest and Honor Societies. Opportunities for sports and recreation exist; its sporting teams compete in the NAIA. The internationally renowned Shakespeare Festival and the Amphitheater, which hosts plays and concerts, are two of the most well-liked off-campus options. The university’s official colors are Orange and Black.

The academic offerings and programs at AUM are equally varied. Over 90 disciplines of study provide undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Over 75 majors, more than 45 minors, and more than 55 graduate programs are available.

The university offers exchange programs in a few additional nations, including Mexico, Japan, and China. The Ida Belle Young Library Tower is a prominent building there.

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Rate of Acceptance

With a 76% admission rate, AUM is a reasonably accessible choice for prospective students. According to this statistic, 76 out of every 100 applications are accepted by the institution.

Rate of Graduation and Retention

AUM has a 43% graduation rate and a 60% retention rate. This indicates that 43% of first-year AUM students graduate within six years, and 60% of those students continue on to their second year.

School Fee

AUM charges $7,000 for in-state students and $19,000 for out-of-state students in tuition per year. Other fees and costs, such as those for accommodation, transportation, and books, are not included in this price.

Student Loans

AUM provides a range of financial aid choices, such as student loans, grants, and scholarships. For financial assistance with their education, students can apply for both federal and private loans. The financial assistance office at AUM can help students locate the appropriate loans for their circumstances.

Average Pay for Graduates of Auburn University at Montgomery

AUM graduates earn $51,000 a year on average. This changes according to the academic level and topic of study. Employers, however, are very interested in hiring AUM graduates because of their reputation for having a strong work ethic and a well-rounded education.


The home of AUM is Montgomery, Alabama. It is a thriving city with a wide variety of cultural and recreational offerings. The city has a number of museums, theaters, parks, as well as a bustling downtown with dining, shopping, and entertainment options. All of Montgomery is accessible to AUM students, making it a great place to live while attending college.


Students seeking an economical, high-quality education should strongly consider Auburn University at Montgomery. AUM is a fantastic place to begin or continue your education because of its wide variety of programs, helpful staff, and vibrant campus environment. AUM has opportunities for you to advance your career, learn new skills, or discover new hobbies.

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