Does Heritage Christian University Really Live Up To Its Name?

A private, non-profit Bible college called Heritage Christian University is situated in Florence, Alabama. The university’s beginnings may be traced back to 1871, when T.B. Larimore established Mars Hill Academy to train future pastors and Christian church leaders.

16 years later, the academy was shut down when Larimore made the decision to focus solely on evangelism. On the same site as the academy, a new elementary school, Mars Hill Bible School, opened its doors in 1947.

The Larimore School of Evangelists was founded in 1966 after the school board decided to establish a school to train men for ministry. The Southeastern College of the Bible in Florence was established as a higher education institution two years later.

In 2000, the college began to offer graduate degrees, and the following year it changed its name to Heritage Christian University.

On the banks of the Tennessee River, the university’s campus extends over 67 acres. In honor of Basil and Margie Overton and as a tribute to their son who passed away in 1974, the campus library is known as The Overton Memorial Library.

Other notable facilities include the Bagents Family Resource Center, the Heritage Marriage and Family Resource Center, and the McMeans Family Reading Area. The Bible Building, the Alexander Activities Building, and the Dr. John Kerr Student Center are three other notable structures.

Along with an associate degree program, three graduate programs, and an undergraduate program that awards a bachelor’s degree in Biblical studies, the university also provides an associate degree program.

Both on-campus and online programs are available. The Commission on Accreditation of the Association for Biblical Higher Education has granted accreditation to the university. It is regarded as a yellow ribbon school that is military-friendly.

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Rate of Acceptance

With a 75% acceptance rate, Heritage Christian University has a selective admissions process. Students with a solid academic record, a love of learning, and a drive to advance academically and spiritually are those the institution tries to admit.

Rate of Graduation and Retention

At HCU, the graduation rate is roughly 50%, while the retention rate is 60%. The university works closely with students to ensure they have the tools and assistance they need to finish their studies, and it offers a supportive and demanding learning environment to aid in student success.

School Fee

Heritage Christian University is an economical choice for many students due to its annual tuition rate of $15,000. The university also provides a variety of grants and scholarships to aid students in paying for their studies.

Student Loans

The Federal Direct Loan Program, which lets students borrow money to pay for their education, is one in which Heritage Christian University partakes. In order to assist students in financing their studies, the university also provides a variety of alternative loan choices.

Graduates of Heritage Christian University earn an average salary

Graduates from Heritage Christian University may expect to earn an annual starting salary of around $40,000. This can change based on the person’s chosen subject of study and career route.


Florence, Alabama, home of Heritage Christian University, is a city with a rich history and a thriving arts community. The city of Florence is renowned for its lovely parks and chances for outdoor recreation as well as its historic history as the cradle of Alabama.


Heritage Christian University is a fantastic choice for students seeking a thorough education at a reasonable cost in a motivating setting. HCU is a great option for anyone wishing to accomplish their personal and professional goals because of its strong dedication to fostering students’ intellectual and spiritual growth.

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