California Lutheran University Thousand Oaks, California

California Lutheran University was the official name under which Cal Lutheran, a private liberal arts college, was founded in 1959. However, a 25-member group convened in 1954 to begin planning for the college, and the California Lutheran Educational Foundation (CLEF) was created in 1957.

Real growth for the institution began in the 1980s when graduate programs were added to its offerings. The institute then changed its status to that of a university, adopting its current name in 1989.

As the twenty-first century got underway, more advancements were made, and the institute increased its commitment to its aim of educating people not only for their vocations but also for a larger goal of influencing society via their good contributions. The institution, which includes four centers and a seminary spread across five different locations in California, is based in Thousand Oaks, California.

The mission of California Lutheran University is to transform its students. Both inside and outside of the classroom, the institute delivers knowledge and expertise. Students can join organizations and clubs outside of the classroom that caters to their varied interests.

Through multicultural volunteer activities and promoting knowledge of social justice issues, it also fosters in its students a sense of civic duty. By serving as incoming students’ mentors and university ambassadors, the students put their leadership skills into practice.

Students are also urged to give back to the community and volunteer. Projects aimed at advancing the economy or work for nonprofit organizations fall under this category. Along with doing the serious study, students also benefit from a vibrant arts community that includes theater productions and musical events. The university also participates actively in NCAA Division III athletics. Purple and gold are the school colors.

Cal Lutheran University offers undergraduate programs with a total of 36 major and minor options. Also available are graduate degrees, offered through four colleges, comprising 30-degree programs. The Kwan Fong Gallery, William Rolland Gallery of Fine Art, and Barbara Collins Arboretum are some of its noteworthy facilities.

Is It Difficult to Enter CLU?

74% of applicants are accepted, making California Lutheran University somewhat selective. How you compare to other applicants will have a big impact on whether you are accepted or not.

Typical test scores

The SAT scores of almost 81% of admitted students at CLU were submitted. SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing scores ranged from 540 to 620 when looking at the 25th through the 75th percentile. Scores in mathematics ranged from 530 to 620.

The ratio of students to faculty

California Lutheran University’s student-to-teacher ratio of 14 to 1 is approximately normal when compared to the national average of 15 to 1. Although this does not directly relate to class size, it is a decent indication of how much one-on-one time professors will have to spend with their students.

The proportion of Full-Time Faculty

The proportion of full-time teachers is another factor frequently used to gauge how often students will easily meet their professors. Part-time professors may not be as accessible to students as full-time professors because they often spend less time on campus.

At California Lutheran University, there are 100% full-time faculty members. This is above the 47% national average.

Retention of Freshmen

79% of first-year students stay enrolled at California Lutheran University. The fact that full-time students desire to continue attending the university and working with their teachers for another year is a positive indicator. It’s also evidence that the admissions committee did an excellent job of selecting candidates who would fit in well at the institution.

Rate of Graduation

For those pursuing a bachelor’s degree, the average time to graduation is four years. First-time, full-time enrollment at CLU is 69%, which is higher than the 33.3% national average.

Cost of attending California Lutheran University

CLU costs $27,410 on average in net terms. Since net pricing differs by income level, the school’s affordability is mostly dependent on your financial needs.

Loans to students

In actuality, loans are used by roughly 66% of students nationwide. At CLU, almost 59% of students borrowed loans, which had an annual average of $7,088. For those students, that comes out to a total of $28,352 over four years.

At CLU, the default rate for student loans is 2.7%. This is a positive indication that you will be able to repay your student loans because it is much lower than the 10.1% national default rate.

What Kind of Income Can CLU Graduates Expect?

Despite the fact that some majors are more lucrative than others, CLU bachelor’s degree holders enter the workforce with an average starting income of $59,684 in their first year of employment. The fact that it is 40% higher than the typical college graduate’s pay of $42,485 per year is fantastic news for CLU students.

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