California Intercontinental University Irvine, California

California Intercontinental University started as a private institution in 1996 and now specializes in online education. Dr. Shawn Senthil Kumar launched it as EdNET, an institution with branches all over the world that was created to offer education in the field of IT.

The institute established strategic alliances over the course of a few years with numerous IT and tech behemoths including Microsoft, Lotus, and others. The institute had a partial shift in ownership as well, and by 2003 it had reached its current status as a California corporation.

The institution was given the go-ahead to award undergraduate and graduate degrees in 2005. The institute has made strides in offering top-notch online education, and in addition to having a current curriculum, it also offers experiential learning and the development of analytical and critical thinking abilities. California’s Irvine is home to CIU.

The mission of California Intercontinental University is to offer top-notch training and experience in business, management, and other areas. The most cutting-edge and digitally integrated resources are used to teach and develop the pupils.

The Student Services Team offers the students ongoing support in addition to instruction. From the first day of enrollment until the end of the study session, a team of academic specialists supports the students. In addition to this, the students engage in group discussions where they can communicate with others.

Military personnel can get benefits from the Veteran Education Benefits Program at CIU. In addition to this, the institute is reputed to offer courses and programs that are military-friendly. Dark Red and Blue are the school’s colors.

The institute offers both undergraduate and graduates academic degrees. It provides three Associate degrees and six bachelor’s programs as part of its undergraduate program offerings. Additionally, it provides five doctoral-level programs and seven master-level degrees. It offers courses in business, medicine, computer technology, and other fields.

Is California Intercontinental University A Difficult Admission?

Since California Intercontinental University has an open admissions policy, getting admitted should not be too difficult. However, it is crucial to complete the application in its entirety and send any required documents, which may include evidence of high school graduation or its equivalent.

Student-to-Faculty Ratio

The student-to-faculty ratio at California Intercontinental University is an outstanding 10 to 1, while the national average of 15 to 1. This suggests that many classrooms will likely be small, giving students plenty of chances to collaborate closely with their teachers and classmates.

What is the price of California Intercontinental University?

At California Intercontinental University, the default rate for student loans is 16.0%. Be careful! As a result of the fact that this is much greater than the country’s default rate of 10.1%, you might have problems repaying any student loans you take out.

California Intercontinental University offers online courses

The availability of online courses is growing in popularity among American schools and institutions. Students with busy schedules or those who simply like to study on their own time can benefit greatly from taking online courses.

537 students at California Intercontinental University took at least one online course in the academic year 2019–2020. The 412 students who took online courses the prior year have increased to this number.

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