The History of Fresno Pacific University

In 1944, the Pacific District Conference of Mennonite Brethen Churches founded Fresno Pacific University, which was then known as the Pacific Bible Institute. Before moving to a former YCMA facility in the second academic year, the University operated at first with 5 staff members and 28 students from a sizable home in San Francisco.

The university started building a new classroom facility and two dormitory buildings in 1958 after purchasing the 50 acres of land on which the current campus is situated. The courses building was completed in 1959, but due to a lack of funding, the dorms’ construction was put off. FPU originally conferred the bachelor’s degree in 1965, and in 1975 it launched the first master’s program.

Fresno, in California’s Central Valley, is where the university’s main campus is situated. Additionally, FPU maintains four regional campuses in California: the Merced, Bakersfield, Visalia, and North Fresno campuses. Since the opening of the main campus in 1959, the university has continued to erect new buildings on the campus that are named in honor of notable individuals, such as Krause Hall, Nachtigall Hall, Schlichting Hall, Warkentine Hall, Hiebert Library, Marpeck Center, Kriegbaum Hall, Bartsch Hall, Wiebe Education Center, McDonald Hall, Steinert Campus Center, and North Hall, which was the campus’ most recent building to be completed in 2010.

The sunbird serves as the campus’ mascot, and blue and orange are the school’s official colors. The NCAA Division II Pacific West Conference is the venue for competition for the university sports teams.

FPU provides graduate degree programs in 45 fields across 5 separate schools, as well as undergraduate degrees in 39 majors and more than 100 areas of study. There are certain degrees that can be earned online. The Western Association of Schools and Colleges has approved the programs. In the Western United States, FPU was placed 26th in the Universities-Category Master by U.S. News & World Report.

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Rate of Acceptance

With a 67% admission rate, Fresno Pacific University is serious about the students it accepts. Spend some time crafting a compelling application that demonstrates your match with Fresno Pacific.

Typical test scores

Nearly 93% of applicants who were accepted to Fresno Pacific turned in their SAT results. SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing scores varied from 470 to 560 when looking at the 25th through the 75th percentile. Scores in mathematics ranged from 460 to 550.

Faculty-to-Student Ratio

At Fresno Pacific University, there are roughly 13 students for every faculty member. This ratio is frequently used to estimate the size of an ordinary class and the amount of one-on-one time teachers will have with each student. This measure has a 15 to 1 national average.

Rate of Freshmen Retention

Compared to the national rate of 68%, the rate at Fresno Pacific University is 71%, which is around average.

Rate of Graduation

The first-time, full-time enrollment rate at Fresno Pacific is 52%, which is higher than the 33.3% national average.

What Is the Price of Fresno Pacific University?

Fresno Pacific’s overall average net cost is $19,029.

Loans to students

At Fresno Pacific, almost 55% of students borrowed student loans, which cost $8,711 on average each year. Over the course of four years, that comes to $34,844 for those pupils. At Fresno Pacific, the default rate for student loans is 4.5%.

What Do Graduates of Fresno Pacific Earn?

While salaries vary by major, on average Fresno Pacific bachelor’s degree holders earn around $49,071 per year in their first few years of employment following graduation. However, some degrees pay more than others. This is excellent news for Fresno Pacific students as it represents a 16% increase above the $42,485 annual wage earned by the typical college graduate.

Fresno Pacific University’s online courses

Even at the oldest American colleges and institutions, online learning is growing in popularity. In addition to being perfect for working adults who are returning to school, online classes are also more popular with traditional students.

At least one online course was taken by 358 students at Fresno Pacific University in the academic year 2019–2020. This is a reduction from the 1,738 students who enrolled in online courses the year before.

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