The Important Things To Know About Concordia University Irvine

Although Concordia University Irvine, a private Christian institution, was founded in 1976, the proposal for a college was initially put forth in 1955, sowing the seed for the current university. The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) made the decision to carry it out in 1962. After nearly a decade of site seeking, construction started in 1975, and the institute started offering classes in 1976.

In 1993, it became a university, and as a result, its name was changed to Concordia University Irvine. It is a member of the Concordia University System and has its headquarters in Irvine, California. The institute strives to develop leaders and people who are motivated to make a difference and serve their professions and communities out of its students, guided by its Christian-centered ideals.

The campus environment of CUI combines learning, playing, and praying. These are provided by the more than 20 student groups and organizations on campus, which include honor societies, and clubs for religious, cultural, and academic interests.

The university has its own theater group named Looseleaf Theatre Co. Students are also involved in performing arts, bringing theatre and musical acts for students to enjoy. There is also the LEAD program, which aims to improve the on-campus experience for students while simultaneously fostering their capacity for leadership. Living Learning Communities are one distinctive aspect of student life.

Residential learning environments allow students to study, learn and develop in a community setting. Daily chapel services and Bible studies that encourage introspection are offered to students to support spiritual growth. Mission initiatives are another option that sends students on trips around the world to help other people.

Like other places, there is a focus on physical fitness, and there are NCAA Division II-affiliated university athletic teams. The campus mascot is an eagle, and the school’s colors are green and gold.

There are 50 specializations and 26 undergraduate majors offered by CUI, along with nine graduate programs, six bachelor’s degrees available online, and four nursing programs. The Rodney Lawrence Grimm Memorial Student Union is a noteworthy building there.

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Acceptance Rate

With a 78% acceptance rate, Concordia University, Irvine is a somewhat selective institution. Even if it’s your top pick, make sure you apply to more than one institution. Whether or not you are accepted will mainly rely on how you stack up against the other applicants.

Test scores on average

Approximately 72% of applicants who were accepted to Concordia University Irvine, turned in their SAT results. SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing scores fell between 510 and 610 for the 25th through the 75th percentile. The range of math scores was 510 to 600.

Faculty-to-Student Ratio

There are 20 students for every faculty member at Concordia University, Irvine. This could imply that there are higher class sizes than those found in other schools or universities or that teachers are expected to teach more courses.

The proportion of Full-Time Faculty

The proportion of full-time teachers is another factor frequently used to gauge how often access students will have to their professors.

Concordia University, Irvine has 100%, full-time faculty. This is above the 47% national average.

Rate of Freshmen Retention

The freshman retention rate informs us of the proportion of first-year, full-time students who decide to enroll in the institution for their sophomore year. When compared to the national rate of 68%, the rate at Concordia University Irvine is 68%, which is about average.

Rate of Graduation

If a student completes their education in less than four years, they are deemed to have graduated on time. At Concordia University Irvine, 58% of first-time, full-time students graduate on schedule. When contrasted to the 33.3% national average, that is excellent.

What Is the Price of Concordia University, Irvine?

Concordia University, Irvine’s overall average net cost is $27,201. Since net price varies by income level, the affordability of the school mostly relies on your financial needs.

Loans to students

In actuality, loans are used by roughly 66% of students nationwide. At Concordia University, Irvine, around 60% of students took out student loans, which have an average annual cost of $6,977. Over the course of four years, that comes to $27,908 for those pupils.

At Concordia University in Irvine, the default rate on student loans is 2.9%. This is a positive indication that you will be able to repay your student loans because it is much lower than the 10.1% national default rate.

What Kind of Income Can Concordia University, Irvine Graduates Expect?

While salaries for specific majors vary, on average bachelor’s degree holders from Concordia University, Irvine earns $53,144 per year in their first few jobs following graduation. However, certain majors pay more than others. Since it is 25% higher than the typical college graduate’s pay of $42,485 per year, this is wonderful news for upcoming Concordia University, Irvine grads.

Concordia University, Irvine offers online courses

Even the oldest institutions and universities in the United States are embracing online education. Online courses are not just perfect for working adults returning to school, but an increasing number of old-fashioned students are also taking use of them.

At Concordia University Irvine, 4,070 students registered for at least one online course in 2019–2020. The number of students taking online courses has increased from the 2,478 who did so the year before.

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