How You Can Become Cartoonist

A skilled artist and designer who tells stories through drawings, words, or a combination of the two are referred to as a cartoonist. Through this medium, cartoonists convey stories as well as commentary on society and daily life. We will examine how much a cartoonist earns, their duties, and how to become one.

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Duties of A Cartoonist

Essential duties carried out by a cartoonist include the following:

  • Create a variety of artwork for print, digital, and publishing projects, including concept art, designs, and illustrations.
  • Work with several departments to ensure that the cartoon illustrations adhere to the mutually-agreed artistic objectives.
  • Create designs that adhere to the brand and quality standards of the individual customer or organization.
  • Utilizing a sophisticated understanding of graphic design tools or programs like GIS, HTML, Adobe Creative Suite, CAD, etc., contribute to projects based on individual merit.

Job Description

As a cartoonist, you will spend time each day creating the words and images necessary to bring your own ideas or those of a client to life. Cartoons are often made using traditional techniques or digital tools. Some people also use pencil and paper, which is then scanned and uploaded to a piece of software. Ink or pens are used to complete sketches after they have been started in pencil or charcoal.

As part of your portfolio, you can decide to specialize in drawing a certain kind of cartoon. For instance, you might produce political satirical cartoons as a commentary on current political matters or famous figures. You would create exaggerated impressions of people for these comic strips in order to make your point.

Some cartoonists are also required to develop their own tales and plots prior to drawing the illustrations. Plots would be debated and decided upon weeks or months in advance in such a scenario.

Cartoonists accept commissioned work or have their own independent endeavors as a supplemental projects for publication or distribution online in addition to the normal chores that offer career security, such as working with a publishing house.

Being a cartoonist continuously requires you to have exceptional originality and to be up to date on the newest fashions in order to present original ideas.

Job Growth

The job outlook for workers in professions like cartoonists and illustrators is expected to increase by at least 3% between 2014 and 2024, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). It takes highly skilled and imaginative specialists, such as animators and cartoonists, to make the fine arts popular in the form of animated cartoons and television series.

Since there is a lot of rivalry in this industry, successful cartoonists typically create their own distinctive styles that appeal to niche markets. Big accomplishments like publication in a national or regional publication like a magazine, newspaper, etc. are linked to success.

When you have established a solid reputation, you may be promoted to a managerial level if you operate in a comparable industry, such as advertising or film studios.

Common Employers

You can anticipate working with cartoon television channels, gaming networks, print syndicates, publishing houses, etc. as a cartoonist.

Cartoonist: How To Become One

Advanced design and drawing skills are a prerequisite for all cartoonists. If you intend to work on politically charged illustrations or at a newspaper, having knowledge of the most recent events in the globe is also important. You ought to pursue political science, art, and literary courses in your early years.

You can earn a bachelor’s degree in the visual arts from a reputable, nationally accredited art school or a four-year university that offers a fine arts program.

In line with their future goals, several additionally finish their degrees in political science or media. In an art program, you would gain knowledge of ideas like computer graphics, drawing, and typography using both online and offline media types.

What Does A Cartoonist Salary Look Like?

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, for this career, the national average is placed at $54,170 while the national average wage per hour is placed at $26.

How Do Cartoonist Wages Compare to those of Other Professions?

According to the most recent data on employment across the country, cartoonists can earn an average yearly salary of $54,170, or $26 per hour. It is therefore a higher-than-average wage.

Depending on the state you live in and even when just starting out, they can make as little as $29,250, or $14 per hour.

In Comparison to Other Occupations, How has the Employment of Cartoonists Grown?

With a total of 27,100 people working in the field nationwide by 2024, there will be a shift of 800 employees. This is a 3% shift in growth during the subsequent ten years, giving the career a below-average national growth rate.

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