Is A 3D Animator Salary Fun To Consider

3D animators utilize specialized computer programs to produce lifelike animations for films, video games, TV shows, and other media, in contrast to 2D animators who might draw animations by hand. They typically focus on creating particular animations, such as sceneries, characters, or special effects. We will explore what a 3D Animator Salary looks like and how you can become one with an interesting salary on the line.

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Regular Work Hours

In general, 3D animators work regular office hours on a full-time basis. This leads to a weekly work total of 35 to 40 hours. Having said that, animators are occasionally required to work overtime, on the weekends, and even on official holidays to fulfill looming deadlines.

While most animators will be given full-time jobs, some may only work part-time jobs, while others will work as freelancers or on short-term contracts. Additionally, freelancers should budget time for travel to meet with potential clients and market their services.

The typical workspace for animators is a well-lit office or studio. Many hours of standing may be required for some animation styles, such as stop frame animation, whereas other styles necessitate sitting at drawing boards or computers.

Regular Employers

Many 3D animators work alone and as freelancers. Other animators will be employed on a contract basis by large film and television studios as well as makers of video games like Disney, Pixar, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft.

As a result, there are undoubtedly some areas of the nation that tend to be employment hotspots. Most states in the nation will have some employment for animators and multimedia artists, but some will have more career prospects than others.

Pixar is a well-known company that has its headquarters in Emeryville, California. This production company has over the years developed and published some of the most popular and well-regarded animated movies ever.

There is also the San Francisco, California-based Industrial Light, and Magic studio. The George Lucas-founded studio, which has produced every Star Wars movie, was established in 1975.

Additionally, there are the Burbank, California-based Walt Disney Animation Studios, Cartoon Network Studios, Nickelodeon Animation Studios, and Warner Bros Animation.

3D Animator: The Road To Becoming One

A bachelor’s degree in computer graphics or animation is the prerequisite for becoming a 3D animator. Others might decide to go for a degree in fine arts, which may not include any training in computer design even though it teaches students the best practices and abilities needed of artists.

Make sure you take computer design courses if you’re seeking a fine arts degree because the majority of large animation firms use computer applications for animation design.

You must begin assembling a portfolio of your work while you are still in college. You can do this for class projects or on your own time by creating animations and cartoons that you then upload to social media platforms like YouTube.

When applying for vacant opportunities after college, a portfolio will be necessary. 3D animators can make some money through advertising on YouTube-hosted animations. Having written articles that have earned good reviews will help you land a job.

Self-employed 3D animators might be able to find employment without a degree, while often a bachelor’s degree is needed to work for a production business. If you can learn to animate on your own and have the talent, having a strong portfolio may be more important than possessing a degree.

For self-employed animators, however, attending college courses in business administration could be beneficial as they will need business savvy, negotiation skills, and bookkeeping knowledge.

What Does A 3D Animator Salary Look Like?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, for this career, the national average is placed at $70,300 while the average wage per hour is placed at $34.

How Much Money Does a 3D Animator make Compared to Other Jobs?

According to the most recent data on employment across the country, 3D animators can earn an average yearly salary of $70,300, or $34 per hour. They can start out making $47,660, or $23 per hour, depending on the state you live in or other factors.

How has Job Growth for 3D Animators Compared to Other Professions?

There is going to be a change of 3,900 positions by 2024, leaving 68,300 individuals working in the field nationwide. This is a 6.1% shift in growth during the subsequent 10 years, giving the career an above-average national growth rate.

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