How Great is Miles College?

Private historically Black liberal arts college Miles College is connected to the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. The Colored Methodist Episcopal Church founded it in 1898. It was initially known as Miles Memorial College in honor of Bishop William H. Miles and operated inside the boundaries of the City of Fairfield in metropolitan Birmingham. The current name was introduced in 1941.

Since students were taking part in boycotts and demonstrations against service discrimination, which were also endorsed by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the college was taking the lead in defending civil rights. By purchasing a nearby parcel of land that had been the site of the Lloyd Noland Hospital, the institution doubled the area of its campus in 2006.

The college’s current 76-acre campus includes a number of standout structures, including Sloan Alumni Stadium, which bears the name of the institution’s 13th president. The National Register of Historic Buildings lists some campus areas.

Since 2009, Miles has been running a radio station with a Demopolis, Alabama, license. The college’s mascot is the Golden Bear, and its official colors are purple and gold. Its sporting teams are members of the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference and participate in NCAA Division II.

25 majors are offered by the college, which are divided into 6 divisions. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools has granted it accreditation. It is one of the 41 educational institutions chosen to have a Center of Academic Excellence run by the Directorate of National Intelligence.

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Acceptance Rate

Miles College has a selective admissions process, with an acceptance rate of 61%. This means that out of 100 applicants, 61 are admitted. The college considers a number of factors when evaluating applicants, including academic performance, extracurricular activities, and letters of recommendation. The admissions process also involves an interview with a member of the admissions committee.

Graduation and Retention Rate

Miles College has a strong commitment to student success, as demonstrated by its high graduation and retention rates. The college’s graduation rate is 43%, which is higher than the national average for four-year colleges. In addition, the college has a retention rate of 74%, which means that 74% of students who enroll at Miles College continue to be enrolled from one year to the next.

Tuition Fee

Miles College charges an average tuition fee of $19,000 per year. This fee is lower than the national average for private four-year colleges. The college also offers a number of scholarships and financial aid programs to help students finance their education. In addition, students can also apply for student loans to help cover the cost of tuition and other expenses.

Student Loans

Miles College partners with a number of lending institutions to provide students with access to student loans. These loans can be used to pay for tuition, books, and other educational expenses. Students can choose from a variety of loan options, including federal and private loans. It is important to carefully consider all loan options and to only borrow what is necessary, as student loan debt can have a significant impact on a student’s financial future.

Average Salary of Miles College Graduates

The average salary of Miles College graduates varies depending on the field of study. However, the college’s strong focus on career preparation and its network of alumni and employers helps to ensure that graduates are well-prepared for the workforce. In general, Miles College graduates go on to successful careers in a variety of fields, including business, education, and the arts.


Miles College is located in Fairfield, Alabama, a suburb of Birmingham. The college is situated on a picturesque campus that includes a variety of academic and residential buildings, as well as athletic facilities and green spaces. The location of Miles College provides students with access to a wide range of cultural and recreational opportunities, as well as proximity to one of the largest cities in the South.


Miles College is a comprehensive liberal arts college with a rich history of providing quality education to a diverse student population. With its strong commitment to student success, affordable tuition, and supportive community, Miles College is an excellent choice for students seeking a high-quality, well-rounded education. Whether you are interested in pursuing a career in business, education, science, or the arts, Miles College can provide you with the skills, knowledge, and experience you need to achieve your goals.

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