Patient Coordinator Salary ~The Truth You Need to Know

It is the responsibility of a patient care coordinator to ensure that a medical facility operates efficiently and continuously offers its patients high-quality services. They exist to assist patients in receiving the greatest care and in better comprehending their medical conditions.

The patient coordinator is a good career part and a patient coordinator salary is something that you may wish to put into consideration.

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A Patient Coordinator: What is it?

A qualified patient care coordinator is required to carry out the following responsibilities: taking thorough, yet approachable, conversations with patients to get the necessary data for registration forms and updating their most recent medical information for records on the computer filing system. In a polite manner, respond to inquiries about the medical facility’s services and, if necessary, re-direct the inquiries to the proper staff.

Include but not be limited to approved forms of payment and the numbers to call for insurance purposes, clearly explaining the associated hospital charges to both staff and patients.
Frequently coordinate with the managerial team and other team leaders to offer suggestions for enhancing current reception services processes.

Getting Started as a Patient Coordinator

A patient care coordinator should, at the very least, have some degree of formal medical education in a field like social work or nursing. Although not all companies require a nursing degree, depending on the position, having an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in medicine or healthcare management is advantageous for those considering this career route. Important ideas like medical coding, leadership, office practices in a medical setting, human resources, ethics, and financial management can all be learned during the curriculum. In compliance with state regulations, you will also need to get your nursing license after graduating.

In order to promote effective medical aid for patients, a patient care coordinator should possess the ability to collaborate closely with a variety of staff members, including human resources, public relations, and medical care personnel when necessary. You should also be able to use Microsoft Office, billing software, and other web apps, among other basic computer systems.

Patient Coordinator Salary Information

The information below will help you learn more about this profession. The editorial material and recommendations on this page are based on our research, while the income and growth information is based on the newly released Bureau of Labor Statistics. The annual pay for this job is $34,330 while the average hourly pay for the job is $17/Hr.

What they Do

Depending on the kind of facility a patient care coordinator works at, the tasks that must be completed may change. Regardless of other variables, a patient care coordinator’s main responsibility is to advocate for top-notch medical care as the patient’s initial point of contact. From the reception service desk, you will welcome and point out patients, vendors, and guests. This involves helping patients fill out their registration papers with information like their address, phone number, and insurance provider.

It is your responsibility to ensure that patients understand their medical conditions and to develop customer-focused policies that are in their best interests in collaboration with other staff members. In this capacity, you will also help the medical division or the care team with administrative tasks as needed. This could entail keeping track of correspondence, making accurate appointment arrangements, and setting up group reminder calls. Additionally, you might make a note of details from electronic medical records to quickly and effectively address patients’ questions.

Advancement of the Job

Patient care coordinator job growth is not well known, although related fields like nursing are predicted to develop at a promising rate, by 19% by 2022. Healthcare personnel will continue to discover a variety of chances for skill development as a result of an older population and an expanding range of critical diseases impacting individuals.

Job Scheduling

A patient care coordinator often works in a hospital, nursing home, or medical office. Due to the nature of the job, occasionally traveling may be required for meetings or courses. Coordinators work full-time but take shifts during the day or night because healthcare institutions are typically open 24/7. If necessary, you could have to put in extended hours on weekends and during holidays.

Popular Employers

As a patient care coordinator, you might find employment at a hospital, doctor’s office, dental clinic, or other healthcare facility. Candidates who can demonstrate at least two years of past experience working in a relevant field, as well as some familiarity with patient care administration, customer relations, medical billing systems, and broad medical terminology, are often preferred by employers.

How Much Money Does a Patient Coordinator Make Compared to Other Careers Nationwide?

According to the most recent statistics on employment across the country, patient coordinators can earn an average yearly salary of $34,330, or $17 per hour. It is therefore a salary above average. They can make as little as $27,070 per year, or $13 per hour, depending on the state you live in or whether you are just beginning out.

How has the Growth of the Patient Coordinator Job Compared to Other Jobs Nationwide?

For a total of 635,800 persons employed in the career nationwide by 2024, 108,200 positions will change. This represents a shift in the growth of 20.5% over the subsequent 10 years, giving the career a national growth rate of below average.

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