Surgical Tech Program: A Guide to A Successful Career

Have you hear of any surgical tech program? Are you a surgical technologist who wants to advance your career? Do you have a burning desire to work in the exciting and lucrative field of healthcare?

You are in the right spot if you responded positively to those questions. The nicest thing about becoming a surgical technologist is that you won’t need to devote years to a rigorous school or shell out astronomical sums of money for tuition. But what are the best ways to enter this fantastic profession?

It’s important to pick the correct training course. That’s precisely why we’ve put together a thorough list of the best surgical technology colleges and training programs available across the nation. So let’s get going!

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1. Preppy

Preppy is a fantastic online learning platform that has partnered with Auburn University, a nonprofit, accredited institution that provides the most highly regarded online surgical technology program available.

What’s nice about Preppy, by the way?

Preppy is the greatest on the market because of a number of benefits that come with using it for your training:

Let us explain why.

Learning Anywhere, Anytime: Preppy provides a 100% online training programme, so there are no longer any tedious textbooks, set classes, or conflicting schedules to contend with. You have the freedom to learn anywhere and whenever you want with Preppy.

Hands in experience: Learning Surgical Tech requires practical experience, and Preppy is aware of this. Through practical instruction in the form of externships, it connects you with real-world experience. Once the course is through, you will be prepared to use what you have learned in the real world.

Quickly finish the course: what’s that? With Preppy, your education can be completed in just four months. It’s true what you just read! In comparison to the years spent in regular school, you’ll be prepared to launch your profession far sooner.

Auburn University will award you with a Certificate of Completion once you have completed your course with a perfect grade. It’s similar to a badge of honor that you can wear with pride at work or at home.

National Certification: In our opinion, getting certified is essential before starting a profession as a surgical tech. It confirms to employers that you adhere to the crucial norm for patient care, which is a national requirement they frequently search for. You are prepared to ace the national certifications with Preppy’s program!

Bonus Laptop: Choosing Preppy as a provider? You will receive a free laptop from them. And what’s this? Even once the course is over, you get to keep it. Amazing, isn’t that?

Affordability: This is the finest part. Preppy won’t empty your bank account. You can finally pay off your school loans because tuition is so reasonably priced.

Are we prejudiced? Sure, we are! A Preppy-style program with a high caliber education, quick completion, and reasonable cost has been long overdue.

A thorough understanding of your job duties as a surgical tech is also provided by Preppy’s surgical tech programme, which covers subjects like medical jargon, infection control and safety procedures, patient care techniques, a thorough knowledge of surgical instruments, and no more.

2. New York University

New York City is home to New York University, also known as NYU, a private for-profit institution of higher learning.

We appreciate that NYU provides a thorough on-campus surgical technology program. It covers all comprehensive topics and can be finished in a full year. It is broken down into two six-month semesters.

The fact that this recognized program is offered by a university with an outstanding reputation is one of its greatest benefits.

For many students, this one-year program’s planned classes on campus in Manhattan can be a hardship.

It can be challenging to reschedule missed lessons, and there’s a chance you’ll have to take them again the year that follows, which could require extra time and money.

Another drawback is the expensive tuition; at the time of writing, the cost of the surgical tech program’s tuition is $16,500, not including the price of books and other materials.

Students can be forced to rely on financial aid that takes the form of long-term educational debt as a result of this.

3. Berkeley College

Another for-profit institution is Berkeley College, which has online and campus locations in New York and New Jersey.

An associate’s degree in surgical technology is available from Berkeley, and it may be earned in around two years. If you select this program, you will be able to select from the following locations:

  • Campuses in Woodland Park and Woodbridge of Berkeley College
  • However, Berkeley’s online degree completion option is only accessible to students who have successfully finished a surgical technology program that has been accredited by the CAAHEP, therefore this program is not truly appropriate for novices.
  • Another drawback is the pricey tuition associated with this program; the associate’s degree program in surgical technology costs $23,200, making it one of the most overpriced on the list.
  • Additionally, there are no internship or externship possibilities available through Berkeley’s program in terms of practical experience, which may be a drawback for future surgical technologists.

4. Seattle Central College

In Seattle, Washington, there is a public institution called Seattle Central institution. We appreciate the fact that Seattle Central College’s surgical technology program offers a thorough education program that leads to a two-year associate degree.

In the area of tuition costs, this surgical tech program is superior to alternatives because it is less expensive than a couple of the other programs at around $7,000. There are, however, a few drawbacks to this program, including:

  • There are no online courses available, so you must attend planned in-person classes, which can occasionally be inconvenient.
  • After the course, there are no options for an externship, which is essential for future surgical technicians.

5. Lamar State College – Port Arthur (LSCPA)

A public community college with its headquarters in Port Arthur, Texas is called Lamar State College Port Arthur (LSCPA).

Aiming to provide graduates with the skills necessary to enter the profession as entry-level surgical technicians and achieve the requirements for national certification, the Surgical Technology Program offers a learning path specifically designed for students.

The associate’s degree program at LSCPA lasts a maximum of two years to finish.

This program’s primary drawback is that it requires students to attend planned lectures in person on campus, which, as was already said, might be a bother for them.

The exorbitant expense of education, directly with the surgical tech program costing $10,630, is another drawback.

What Are the Common Courses Taught in Surgical Tech Schools?

A quality surgical technology education or apprenticeship program combines academic learning with real-world application. This combination gives you a thorough understanding of all the responsibilities you’ll have as a surgical technologist.

Let’s now examine a few typical topics frequently covered in surgical technology programs:

Anatomy and Physiology: An understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the human body is essential for surgical technicians in order to operate effectively in the operating room.

Medical Terminology: Learning the lingo used in medical settings will help you communicate clearly with the surgical team.

Surgical Procedures: Gaining knowledge of the numerous surgical techniques, protocols, and tools utilized throughout various sorts of surgeries.

Sterilization Techniques: Learning how to handle instruments, equipment, and sterile drapes as well as other techniques for maintaining a sterile environment is known as sterilization techniques.

Surgical Instrumentation: Recognizing and using surgical tools, as well as their applications and correct maintenance.

Infection Control: Learning how to prohibit infections and provide a clean atmosphere while having surgery is known as infection control.

Clinical Experience: Volunteering in clinical rotations or placements in practical healthcare settings to apply classroom learning to practical situations.

Preparation for Certification: The perfect program will aid in your preparation for both the typical surgical tech program and the national certification examinations necessary to the point of becoming a Certified Surgical Technologist (CST).

How Do I Pick A School For Surgical Techs?

Given the plethora of options currently available, choosing the best surgical technology school may be considered difficult.

So relax and read on; we’re here to help you through this procedure.

How can you search for the surgical technology program that best suits your requirements?

Really, it’s fairly easy. Make sure the institution you select meets the majority, if not all, of the next requirements:

Course completion with greater speed:

Choosing a program that enables you to finish your education more quickly has several benefits, especially if you wish to enter the workforce right away.

Numerous online training courses, like Preppy, give you the convenience of finishing in as little as two months, which may be to your advantage.


When picking which surgical tech school to attend, the program’s cost is a crucial factor to consider.

Avoid costly programs that could force you to continue paying off student loans even after you have finished your studies.

Then, you could save up a lot of money if you enroll in an online program because they are much less expensive. You can definitely benefit from this in terms of finances.

Certified university diploma:

Make sure the program you choose has been approved by a reputable, nationally renowned, and recognized educational authority.

Check to see if the program awards you a university credential if you complete it. This is quite valuable, and many firms frequently ask for it when hiring new employees.

Online Education Possibilities:

Choosing an online program offers several benefits, as we have already said, making it a very wise decision for you. Online courses typically help you save money and prevent having to pay back student debts for a very long period. You can learn at your own pace from any location with some online courses.

It’s vital to note that some programs, like Preppy, even offer opportunities for externships after you complete your coursework. This is an opportunity to gain practical experience that applies the material you studied in the classroom to real-world circumstances at work.

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