Which EKG Technician Certification Is Best For You?

Which EKG Technician Certification Is Best For You? – If you’re reading this article, it probably means you’ve chosen to become an EKG technician.

That’s a good choice because these experts are wanted by many people. You will work in the fast-growing healthcare field and help save people’s lives as your job. However, it is important to know that finding the best career for you is only part of the challenge. The rest of the group is getting their official certification.

It can be very difficult to remember all of those letters and understand what they stand for. I’m going to explain each certification to you, so you’ll have all the information you need to make a good choice.

But I want to mention right away that you don’t need to feel stressed about certification. The truth is, any certification you choose will show that you are approved and make you stand out from other applicants.

The most important thing is to choose the training program that will help you pass any certification exam you want.

Don’t worry, I will also tell you about some great training programs that are not expensive and let grown-up students study at their convenience. Make sure you read the whole article.

Before we begin talking about the three certifications, I wanted to let you know that you can find more information about how much money an EKG Technician makes, the advantages they receive, and their job opportunities by reading this article.

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Is there a Need for Certification?

It varies based on where you reside. Most states will want EKG technicians to get certified.

But what if you live in a state where certification is not needed, should you still get certified. I strongly recommend it because being certified will make you stand out from other applicants and get noticed. Certification helps EKG techs find better jobs, have more job security, and usually earn more money.

CET Certification

What Does CET Mean?

CET means Certified EKG Technician.

What is CET Certification?

EKG rhythms can give us important information to help diagnose different heart problems. An EKG technician with CET certification has shown that they can do important tasks like giving EKGs, doing stress tests, and monitoring Holter devices.

Because more and more people are getting older, there is a higher need for these professionals.

This will result in more people applying for jobs in this field. Getting the CET certification will make you stand out and get people’s attention.

Organizations That Offer CET Certification

The National Healthcareer Association (NHA) has been a leading organization in the healthcare industry since 1989. The organization has given out over 750,000 certifications so far. They help train EKG technicians to have a successful career in healthcare. The NHA wants to make patients’ care better. They achieve this goal by concentrating on teaching, supporting, and verifying. As supporters of the industry, the organization works with government regulators and lawmakers to encourage official approval for the industry.

The CET Exam

The testing will happen either at your school or at a nearby PSI Testing Center. You need to show a proper ID. You will have 2 hours to answer 120 questions.

How Much Does CET Exam Cost?

The cost of the CET exam is $109. I want to point out that some training programs give you a voucher to pay for this fee.

What Topics Does CET EXAMS Cover?

The CET exam will include many different subjects. Some of them are:

  • Safety, Compliance, and Coordinated Patient Care
  • EKG Analysis and Interpretation
  • Adhering to HIPAA regulations
  • Infection control practices
  • Ethical standards
  • Patient vital signs

What Are The Requirements For The CET Exam?

Candidates need to have a high school diploma or something equal to it in order to take the CET exam. They also need to have finished a certification training program in the past five years.

ETC Certification

What Does ETC Mean?

ETC means EKG Technician Certification.

What Is ETC Certification?

The ETC certification means that a person has the proper qualifications to do their job well and safely. These tasks involve doing heart tests such as EKGs, Holter monitoring, and stress tests. They also involve collecting patient information and following the rules of patient privacy known as HIPPA regulations.

Organisations That Offer ETC Certification

The American Medical Certification Association (AMCA) was created more than 10 years ago with a goal of making the allied healthcare industry better. The organization makes sure that the people who pass the exam have the right qualifications by giving national certification exams. The AMCA is accepted and known as a certification organization in every state in the U. S The organization’s certification helps candidates become more attractive to employers, making them stand out among other job seekers.

The ETC Exam

The test has 110 questions and you have two hours to finish them. You can either take the ETC exam at your school or at a nearby PSI testing center.

Is The ETC Exam Expensive?

The ETC exam is priced at $109. But keep in mind, a lot of training programs will pay for your exam.

ETC Exam Topics

The ECT exam covers various topics. They are:

Anatomy and physiology of the heart, electrocardiography, Medical terminology, pharmacology, diseases and disorders of the heart, and general patient care.

What Are The Requirements For The ETC Exam?

To take the exam, it is advised by the AMCA that you should have at least 10 successful EKG’s.

In addition to this, each state has its own minimum requirements, so it is strongly advised that test candidates learn about their state’s specific requirements.

CEKG Certification

What Does CEKG Mean?

CEKG means Certified EKG Technician.

CEKG Certification: What Is It?

Just like other certifications on this list, the CEKG shows that a person has been trained properly, has the necessary credentials, and has become very skilled in the required area. Getting a CEKG certification will make a candidate stand out and increase their chances of being selected for a job.

Organisations That Offer CEKG Certification

The National Workforce Career Association (NWCA), which started in 2015, has been very important in setting up a system to evaluate educational accomplishments.

So far, the organization has partnered with more than 500 colleges and universities to create a test that accurately shows what a person knows. These results can be shown to employers.

The CEKG Exam

Each candidate will have one hour to answer one question per minute.

How Much Does CEKG Exam Cost?

The test is priced at $99. If you have a voucher from your training program, the cost of the exam is included in your tuition.

What Topics Does CEKG Exams Cover?

  • Setting up and administering EKG tests, Holter monitoring and stress test
  • Edit and deliver test results
  • Basic human anatomy
  • Medical terminology in relation to the cardiovascular system

What Are The Requirements For The CEKG Exam?

Applicants need to have finished high school or obtained a similar educational qualification, and also completed an approved and official program for EKG certification training.

Certification Training Program: Choose the Right One

We examined three important certifications – CET, ECT, CEKG – and also learned a bit about the groups that provide them.

The National Healthcareer Association (NHA), which provides the CET certification, has been there for a long time and has given more than 750,000 certifications so far. However, the AMCA, which provides the ETC certification, is acknowledged in every state in the United States, and that may be appealing to certain individuals.

In addition, the tests and exam fees are generally the same for everyone. Which certification is best for you. But the more important question is, what makes a good certification training program. To pass any of these certification exams, you will need to finish a full training program. Okay, forget about the certification exam for now, and let’s concentrate on finding the suitable training program for you. What makes a training program the best one. In our experience, there are certain conditions that make a certification program worth your time and money.

Adequate Training

Getting the proper education will help you get ready for any certification exam, such as CET, ECT or CEKG. So, you don’t have to worry or get stressed about which certification exam to choose. Right now, you should concentrate on finding a good training program that will help you get ready to pass any exam successfully.

Things To Keep in Mind as You Look For EKG Technician Program

Many times, when people are looking into educational programs, they only think about how much it will cost and how long it will take. And although the cost of tuition and the amount of time spent studying are important, there are other things to consider when deciding which EKG tech program is best for you. And yes, we will talk about prices very soon.

Based on what we know, to find the right program:

Pick an Accredited and Authorised School

Imagine how sad and upset you would be if you bought an expensive gift for someone you care about, but later found out that it was a fake. All of that money would be lost. Certification programs can face similar situations.

There are many unapproved schools selling training programs for EKG technicians. These items have not been accepted and will not assist you in fulfilling the criteria to take a certification test. Before you spend your money, make sure that the program you want to invest in has been given permission or approval.

Enroll in an Online Training

Managing your family, job, and college education at the same time is not simple. This is especially true when you have to go to a certain number of classes every week at your local community college.

If you are a busy adult, you need your training to be flexible and let you study at the time that is most convenient for you.

Learning online allows you to study all day and all night while being at home, so you can always be present for important work or family events.


We have noticed that some universities offer EKG tech programs that are very expensive, usually costing tens of thousands of dollars. This high cost makes it difficult for many adults with family obligations to afford.

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