Los Angeles Film School, Hollywood, California

The entertainment sector is the emphasis of the private, for-profit Los Angeles Film School’s curricula. Four investors—Paul Kessler, Diana Derycz-Kessler, Thom Mount, and Bud MaLette—founded the school in 1999. $2 million was initially invested in the school. By 2001, the investment had grown to a total of $15 million, which was primarily spent to install expensive filmmaking machinery.

A collaboration was established between the school and Full Sail University two years later, and the following year, a similar partnership was established with The Los Angeles Recording School. A class action complaint was filed against the Los Angeles Film School and Los Angeles Recording School in 2011 accusing them of employing fraudulent advertising by promising students false opportunities to work in the entertainment industry.

Due to challenges with accessing the school parking space, the school and a nearby farmers market reached a resolution that same year. Recently, it played host to a number of events, including the BAFTA Student Film Awards, the Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival, and the Los Angeles 3D Film Festival.

The Los Angeles School campus may be found in Hollywood, California, on Sunset Boulevard. It is 23,000 m2 in size and offers notable film production facilities, such as the historic RCA Building, where musicians like Elvis Presley, the Rolling Stones, and Henry Mancini recorded.

A 4K Sony projector-equipped cinema with THX certification was installed on the campus in 2001. The six-story Klasky Csupo studio building, which had previously housed a Mercedes-Benz sales office, was bought by the school five years later. On-campus amenities also include the Ivar Theater and a sound stage.

Nine academic programs leading to associate and bachelor degrees are available at the college. It is approved by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools, which has a requirement on maintaining certification that 70% of graduates must be hired in the field within a year after graduation.

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Rate of Acceptance

Don’t worry about getting into the Los Angeles Film School. There are only minimal qualifications to be admitted to the institution due to its liberal open admissions policy.

The ratio of students to faculty

The student-to-professor ratio at the Los Angeles Film School is 37 to 1. This could imply that professors will have to teach more classes or that class sizes will be higher than at other institutions or universities.

The proportion of Full-Time Faculty

Some individuals like to consider the percentage of instructors who are full-time employees when predicting how much access students will have to their professors. This is due to the possibility that part-time instructors may not have as much free time on campus as their full-time colleagues.

At the Los Angeles Film School, 90% of the faculty members are full-time. The national average is 47%, therefore this is greater.

Retention of Freshmen

The number of full-time students who choose to return for their sophomore year is shown by the freshmen retention rate. The rate at the Los Angeles Film School is 62%, which is a little lower than the 68% average for the country.

Rate of Graduation

The first-time, full-time enrollment rate at LA Film School is 77%, which is higher than the 33.3% national average.

What Is the Price of a Film Education in Los Angeles?

LA Film School’s overall average net cost is $32,723.

Loans to students

While nearly two-thirds of college students nationwide borrow money to pay for their education, the number may be quite different at the institution you intend to enroll in. Approximately 72% of LA Film School students borrowed student loans, which have an average annual balance of $8,381. Over the course of four years, that comes to $33,524 for those pupils.

The LA Film School has a 19.8% default rate on student loans. Be careful! As a result of the fact that this is much greater than the country’s default rate of 10.1%, you might have problems repaying any student loans you take out.

How Much Money Do Graduates of the LA Film School Make?

While salaries vary by major, on average LA Film School grads with a bachelor’s degree earn around $40,964 per year in their first few jobs following graduation. However, certain majors pay more than others.

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